New building of the Medical Institute in Salzburg


Austrian studio Berger + Parkkinen has designed a new building for the Paracelsus Private Medical University in Salzburg

The Private Medical University named after Paracelsus (PMU) in Salzburg was founded in 2004. In 2017, a pharmaceutical department appeared in it, for which they began to build a new building. The project was implemented by the Austrian architectural bureau Berger + Parkkinen Associated Architects.

Building D logically continues the architecture of Building C across the street, which was also run by Berger + Parkkinen and opened in 2013. Therefore, the similarity of their typology is no coincidence.

The main problem was how exactly the new building will be able to interpret the characteristic architectural solutions of Building C and three adjacent buildings & nbsp; – undulating mirrored ceilings of cantilever structures. The answer was the decision to adapt not the form, but the concept.

As in the case of Building C, the upper floor of the building is given over to laboratories and ventilation equipment, the office rooms of the institute employees are also located upstairs, and a spacious columned hall is located on the lower, semi-basement floor. In the center of this hall is an amphitheater: surrounded on all sides by glass walls, it forms a kind of “transparent heart” of the building.

< p> Large arches and columns occupy the entire ground floor and connect different areas: lecture hall, seminar rooms, foyer, stairs. & nbsp; Glass walls allow all parts of the building to merge into a single, organic whole.

As in Building C, the two main stairs in Building D are of great importance. Especially large staircase, conceived as a 3D communication space.

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