New living room sofas with new features


Two design novelties from Visionnaire.

Furniture for the living room is being transformed today, and this is understandable: after all, the living room itself is becoming a multifunctional “room for living” , directly from that very Living room, where life is in full swing: here they draw projects, prepare presentations, draw, contact Zoom and even easily eat and drink. This is why modular designs are leading the way.

New living room sofas with new features

Seating area in the living room, formed from modular sofas Ilario, Visionnaire. Photo: press service.

Changing with us

The content of the article:

As Alessandro La Spada, author of The New Babilon Rack, says, true luxury is time. And time can also be organized by structurally organizing the space of the living room. The New Babilon Rack is a comfortable system of seating, coffee tables, built-in shelves. This sofa is functionally flexible, ready to change and share with us not only our time, but also our emotions. Babylon Rack is covered with a new special Pray leather with antibacterial properties, its efficiency is up to 99%. The sofa also features an innovative touch system embedded in the armrests, which allows lamps and smartphones to be recharged without the need for power outlets. using wireless sensors.

New living room sofas with new features

Sofa The New Babilon Rack, Visionnaire. Designer Alessandro La Spada. Photo: press service.

Free and dynamic

The authors of Ilario – designers Mariana Radovic and Marco Bonelli – have created a modular sofa that consists of a round element, as well as right and left parts, which can form different configurations. It is based on the ideas of freedom, individuality, dynamism. This is a concept designed specifically for informal communication. The center round element can be used separately. By adding new modules, it is easy to personalize the space. The base of the sofa is made of iroko wood, as well as steel parts, leather or textile upholstery. This is truly a luxury item.

New living room sofas with new features

Sofa Ilario , Visionnaire. Designers Mariana Radovic, Marco Bonelli. Photo: press service.

Obviously, the company has its own vision of luxury. Visionnaire formulated it in its Decalogue concept: luxury is a combination of ethical, cultural, social values ​​that underlie each piece of furniture, which makes it truly exclusive. And now there are two more living, voluminous “illustrations” of such an understanding of luxury – The New Babilon Rack and Ilario sofas.

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