New look of an old villa in New Zealand


The owners entrusted designer Katie Lockhart and architect Jack McKinley to update the interiors of the historic building

All of the work of designer Katie Lockhart is distinguished by her recognizable style, which blurs the boundaries between mid-century and modern aesthetics and brings together influences from European, New Zealand and South Asian design. One of Lockhart's recent projects & nbsp; is the renovation of a traditional New Zealand villa in Auckland, on which she worked with Jack McKinney Architects.

Home owners & nbsp; – a creative couple & nbsp; – the choice of solutions was inspired by a recent trip to Sri Lanka, where they were especially impressed by the work architect Geoffrey Bawa.

McKinley had to face many restrictions: this is the small area of ​​the villa, squeezed by neighboring houses, and the rules regarding the protection of historical heritage & nbsp; – in a house with the typical architecture of the first New Zealand villas, the exterior must be preserved in the original. Under these conditions, Lockhart and McKinley came to the only possible solution: they did not change the facade, but suggested expanding the property with historically less significant outbuildings and a garden.

The idea to extend the kitchen cabinet to the full length of the wall belongs to McKinley & nbsp; – this technique helps to visually connect the kitchen and living room spaces. Since the kitchen is located in the new part of the house, the interior was created here from scratch. The only shelf above the set is a collection of old Japanese ceramics and other items from the owners' collection.

A small indoor garden with trees growing right under the roof of the house was designed by Katie Lockhart and embodied by her brother, landscape designer Jared Lockhart.

In an effort to emphasize the sculpturality of the interior spaces, Katie Lockhart chose shades of Italian terracotta and tinted decorative plaster for the interior, against which vintage furniture and furniture brought from travel & nbsp; in Japan. “As a result, the interior of the villa is very far from the typical New Zealand, but it turned out to be very natural, relaxed”, & nbsp; – McKinley is sure.

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