New park in Miass near Lake Turgoyak


Resting place instead of mountains of scrap metal by Bureau 2050

On the shore of Lake Turgoyak, instead of the remnants of self-construction and the old gas pipeline, a new recreation area appeared. Thousands of tourists come here all year round. Before the beautification, they had to spend time among concrete beams and scrap metal. In order to make the rest comfortable, to use the views of local nature and relief, it was necessary to remove excess visual debris and unfinished construction from the shore.

The work began with the reconstruction of the gas pipeline, which was taken underground, revealing a beautiful view of the beach and the lake. Foundations, lighting poles and other elements of the old unfinished building were dismantled.

A new park in Miass by Lake TurgoyakRecreation area with sun loungers and pebble-like seats.

The beach was landscaped with long steps made of architectural concrete. The textures and shades of the objects are combined with the local mountains and the colors of Lake Turgoyak. To enliven the landscape, evergreen coniferous trees were planted in different parts of the site.

New park in Miass near Lake TurgoyakNew park in Miass near Lake TurgoyakNew park in Miass near Lake TurgoyakModules for bicycle parking .

Entrance to the mini-park is free and free – no fences. The park has been officially open since June 25, 2022.

Where:Miass, entrance group of Lake Turgoyak
Project authors: bureau 0250
More details: -g-miass

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