New record: Los Angeles' tallest skyscraper opens


Wilshire Grand Center, the tallest building in America west of the Mississippi, is officially open in Los Angeles

Wilshire Grand CenterWilshire Grand Center Spire Center dominates the skyscrapers of Los Angeles

73 floors of the glass skyscraper Wilshire Grand Center, topped with a 335-meter spire (which is a whopping 24 meters taller than the US Bank Tower!), are occupied by retail and office space, as well as the InterContinental Hotel with 889 rooms and an observation deck.

Designed by the American bureau AC Martin, the construction of the building cost approximately $1.2 billion and began in 2014 du. It was recognized as the highest in the city in September 2016. The title of the tallest building in the United States still belongs to the new World Trade Center – its spire is an incredible 541 meters.

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