New symbol of Prikamye: Perm airport terminal


Perm airport terminal differs from Asadov's bureau in a striking architectural image that claims to be a new symbol of the entire Kama region

Recently, statistics show that residents of Russia have begun to travel more within the country. Thanks to this situation, companies have the opportunity to reconstruct airports in cities with tourist potential, leaving in the past the typical Soviet terminals – “glass”. & Nbsp;

The history of reconstruction of the Perm airport “Bolshoye Savino” began more than 15 years ago. Despite the large number of difficulties and even public scandals, Asadov's Russian architectural bureau, Spectrum company and Perm architect Sergey Shamarin nevertheless completed the project. & Nbsp;

The terminal building turned out to be simple and logical. The designers managed to strike a balance between manufacturability, safety, comfort and a vivid artistic image, which can become a new symbol of the entire Kama region. The whole difficulty for the bureau was to find an architectural and spatial solution that would transfer the structure serving passengers and aircraft to the level of an individual and spectacular complex. & Nbsp;

Asadov's bureau puts idea and expression into its projects. The new terminal is based on the image of a guardian angel with a large wingspan. This motif is also inextricably linked with the cultural and historical sights of the region – the famous collection of carved Perm sculpture. & Nbsp; The unifying central portal is realized in the form of a giant white letter “P” – the symbol of the city of Perm. The outstretched wings are a huge structure, clad in gold-tone metal panels.

The structure is saturated with curved planes that either bend, overhanging the central portal, or form ideal straight edges as if cut with a straight razor. & Nbsp; The glass facades of the first floor are decorated with decorative stylized images of fossils and fossils belonging to the so-called “Permian period” – the last geological era Paleozoic era. & nbsp;

The Russian bureau UNK project, which won the competition for the terminal's interior design, was responsible for the interior design. A space dominated by white is traversed by a giant arc of light with a complex system of metal steel structures. The terminal adheres to three main principles: aesthetics, security, functionality. & Nbsp;

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