Norman Foster will grow “Tulip” next to “Cucumber”


The idea of ​​the bureau Foster + Partners , presented in November this year to the City of London administration, involves the construction in the immediate vicinity of the one built according to their own project The 40-storey skyscraper 30 St Mary Ax (nicknamed “Cucumber” in urban folklore), a giant observation tower 305.3 m high. For its shape, reminiscent of the arrow of a bulbous plant with a characteristic bud at the top, the concept was named “Tulip”.

The customer of the joint development of the star bureau and the financial corporation J. Safra Group , the owner of “Cucumber” is Bury Street Properties (Luxembourg) SARL . One of the goals of the ambitious project was to improve the quality of the environment around the office tower and attract additional attention to it. But the initiators in every possible way emphasize the social significance of the new project – in particular, the contribution to the formation of a large-scale creative cluster in the City, the so-called Culture Mile.

At the foot of both buildings, it is planned to set up a public garden and build a two-storey entrance pavilion with a public roof garden. Together with the planned fragments of vertical gardening on neighboring buildings, this will increase the local natural area by 8.5 times. From this base grows a thin concrete leg, only 14.3 m in diameter, which supports the glazed “bud”. Its “petals” are formed by two built-in Ferris wheels with all-glass ball-shaped gondolas.

Inside the 12-storey top, the diameter of which in the widest part reaches 34.5 m, there will be a restaurant with a circular panorama, a sky bar, as well as numerous galleries and bridges, allowing you to admire London around the clock, conduct excursions and training sessions. J. Safra Group promises to provide free of charge to public school students about 20,000 places a year and the most innovative technologies for lectures on the history of the city and country.

If “Tulip” receives the necessary approvals, construction is planned to begin in 2020 and complete in 2025. But it seems that we can already confidently assume how the sharp-tongued English will call this building.

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