Not only skyscrapers: 6 unusual architectural projects in Abu Dhabi


What do you associate the United Arab Emirates with? Most likely skyscrapers. But the modern architecture of the region is not limited to ambitious skyscrapers. So, in the capital of the UAE, Abu Dhabi, you can find many objects that have absorbed not only the visionary spirit of the Middle East, but also the ideas of preserving centuries-old traditions, humanism, respect for nature and the world

Abu Dhabi Central Market

Norman Foster Architects Foster + Partners has created a modern interpretation of the traditional Middle Eastern bazaar, where you can find everything from rare spices and delicacies to the work of local artists and sculptors. Interior and exterior woodwork conveys the idea of ​​warm, welcoming hospitality, and the windows around the entire perimeter of the building are made in the style of oriental ornamentation. Their intricate octagonal shape creates a play of light during the day and helps keep the temperature comfortable for visitors. On the rooftop of the Central Market, there is a seating area with green spaces, where you can enjoy beautiful views of the city or watch the sunset.Photo #1 - Not only skyscrapers: 6 unusual architectural projects in Abu Dhabi

Siemens Headquarters

The design of business centers in Abu Dhabi is being rethought by modern architects, taking into account the growing demand for sustainability and environmental friendliness of buildings. This was the design of the Siemens headquarters building, which almost immediately after the opening received platinum status from the LEED index, which assesses the environmental friendliness and ergonomics of buildings around the world. A special elongated shape, as well as a specially designed shading technology, allows the use of a minimum of materials, reduce thermal conductivity and reduce the amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere. “/>Photo #2 - Not just skyscrapers: 6 unusual architectural projects in Abu Dhabi

Three Religions Center

The project of the British pioneering architect David Adjaye will open in 2022 and will It is an ensemble of three temples: the mosque of Imam Al Tayeb, the church of St. Francis and the synagogue of Moses Ben Maimon. The recognizable geometric concept of three cubes conveys the idea of ​​the continuity of traditions, combined with the individuality and special role of each of the religions.

Interestingly, even at the design stage, the architects involved representatives of three religious communities from all over the world in order to reflect the history of each with the utmost accuracy and comply with the necessary requirements during construction. Architects strive to tell the story of religions in detail, embodying it in the special design of facades, columns, windows and vaults, as well as in decorative interior elements.

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