Now in Russian: Grohe X digital platform has been updated


The Russian-language version of the platform will give users the opportunity not only to choose a convenient and understandable interface language for them, but also to get access to all materials in their native language.

The new digital platform Grohe X, which was launched by LIXIL in the EMENA region in mid-March 2021, attracted more than 68,000 visitors from 140 countries in its first week of operation. Launched under the slogan “Look Into the Future!”, It has allowed over 35,000 unique visitors to learn about the brand's innovations.

Now in Russian: Grohe X digital platform has been updated

Language adaptation of informative and inspiring multimedia content will allow site visitors to interact with the brand even faster and easier.

In order to change the language, you need to go to the platform, in the upper right corner of the window, click on the icon indicating the language and in the menu that opens, select Europe, and then “Russia/Russian”.

Registered visitors will have access to training videos, informational and reference articles, for example, “Strategies for the future lifestyle” or “Green building”, and virtual 3D-rooms, allowing “with their own eyes” to see all the advantages of new developments.

Now in Russian: Grohe X digital platform has been updated

In addition, you can watch a variety of exciting videos, such as” A glass of water with … “, offering a peek behind the scenes of a global brand, or” Wow Factor of the Week “, weekly current topics and problems.

The Grohe X digital platform will allow anyone to independently explore the Grohe world and try out new ways of interacting, for example, business partners can make appointments on the platform with their sales representatives and directly exchange information about innovations. The future-oriented idea of ​​customer acquisition through digital technologies has already led to over 4,000 customer meetings.

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