Observation tower for bird watchers from the studio Bilska de Beaupuy


British studio Bilska de Beaupuy has designed an observation tower for amateur bird watchers in Latvia

Rucava is a small Latvian village in the southwest of Kurzeme. The main attraction is the local nature and the Pape National Park on the lake of the same name, included in the list of protected natural objects of the European Union Natura 2000. Here is the migration route of birds of the White-Baltic Sea, where in spring and autumn you can watch thousands of migratory flocks.

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For amateur bird watchers and specialists who come to the park to admire the birds, the British architectural studio Bilska de Beaupuy has constructed an observation tower on the shore Lake Pape. The shape of the tower is inspired by Latvian folklore and, in particular, one of the main symbols of Latvian folk culture Auseklis, which has the shape of an eight-pointed star (it can often be found on national costumes, scarves, tablecloths, bedspreads). This shape in the plan allows more people to be placed on the balconies of the tower than the usual square or rectangular, according to the designers.

There are two observation platforms on the tower – the upper one, from which a 360-degree view opens, and the lower one, with a roof and facades, allowing bird watchers to hide from the scorching sun, wind, rain and bad weather. The porch and facades are made of reed, a local material widely used by Latvian arts and crafts craftsmen. www.bilskadebeaupuy.com

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