Office building designed by Foster + Partners in Yekaterinburg


The headquarters of the Russian Copper Company became the first completed project of a well-known London architectural bureau in Russia

Foster + Partners, an architecture studio founded by Pritzker Prize-winning architect Norman Foster, has completed an Art Deco office tower in the center of Yekaterinburg. The fifteen-story building overlooking the Iset River, which houses the headquarters of the Russian Copper Company, was the first completed project of the London bureau in Russia.

The exterior of the building reflects the activities of the organization: the original triangular cladding was inspired by the crystal lattice of copper, while the panels themselves, made of stainless steel, were painted in a copper shade. The top of the tower is adorned with the company's new logo & nbsp; – a rebranding, which, in turn, was inspired by architecture.

When developing the office layout, the designers deliberately abandoned the idea of ​​creating a large open space in favor of two-story modular blocks. “The starting point of the project was the decision to transform the headquarters into a 'staff house' & nbsp; – instead of the usual common workspaces, the offices became more intimate and homelike,” & nbsp; – say in Foster + Partners.

The central space between the office blocks is used as a recreation area & nbsp; – soft sofas in neutral shades and wide windows, which offer panoramic views of the city, are positioned for a relaxed pastime.

Next to each floor there are twenty five rooms & nbs & nbsp; – which can be used as a workplace for six people or conference rooms. In addition, the building, located next to a public park and a river, has its own garden, gym, sauna, conference rooms, lounges, and an executive dining area.

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