Olympic medal design 2022


The designnews.ru editorial staff continues to publish on the design of the 2022 Winter Olympic Games in Beijing. We have previously written about the design of the Olympic emblem, and in this article we will talk about the design of Olympic medals.

Medals are called «Tongxin» (Tongxin), which means “together as one”, and have five concentric rings, representing the traditional Chinese philosophy of harmony between heaven, earth and people. The circles on the medals also symbolize the Olympic rings carved in the inner circle and the Olympic spirit that unites the world through sport.

Olympic medal design for Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics

The design of the medal was inspired by the Chinese jade arts and crafts called “B”, a double jade disk with a round hole in the center. Just as jade is considered an auspicious and priceless adornment in traditional Chinese culture, a medal is a testament to the honor and tireless efforts of athletes.

The concentric grooved rings are engraved with the official name of the Games “XXIV Beijing 2022 Olympic Winter Games”, as well as patterns of clouds and snowflakes, while the outer ring is unadorned.

The reverse side is depicted in the center emblem of Beijing 2022, and below, in Chinese, an engraving with the official name of the Games. The surrounding rings resemble star trails with 24 dots representing the 24th Olympic Winter Games. The overall visual image, reminiscent of a star map, conveys the wish that athletes achieve excellence and shine like the stars at the Games.

Olympic medal design for Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics

Paralympic medal design for Beijing 2022 Paralympic Winter Games

Olympic medal design for Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics

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