One of a Kind: What Makes a Property Unique


When choosing a property, we don't want to make any compromises. What is an individual approach that provides a new quality of life – in our material

Interior – the work of the Italian studio Raboni Architetti and the building of Queen Margaret University in London – a project of the British bureau Dyer.

What is uniqueness? First of all, it is an individual approach, which means & nbsp; – uniqueness. Categories that have become key in the age of information technology, when the role of each person has again become the main one. Unique proposals have conquered the world of haute couture, where single personalized items no longer surprise anyone, and bespoke & nbsp; – that is, clothing tailored and tailored to individual measurements & nbsp; – has become a confident trend.

Luxury furniture brands surprise hundreds of customization options, not limited to upholstery, and car companies are able to offer not only standard configurations, but also meet your exact requirements & nbsp; – safety, manufacturability and aesthetics.

Of course, the new ultra-modern residential areas could not help but support this trend. What criteria can be used to determine that the place we choose to live is “tailored” exactly according to our standards? Trying to figure it out.


Timmerhuis building designed by OMA Rem Koolhaas in Rotterdam brings together a contemporary art museum and living spaces.

There is a well-known axiom: when purchasing real estate, first of all, we pay for the location. This is especially true in Moscow, where travel scenarios need to be thought out especially carefully: investing precious hours of life should be in something more meaningful than standing in traffic.

Unlike the residents of the Netherlands, for whom the architectural firm of Rem Koolhaas erected the Timmerhuis building a few years ago, uniting the spaces of a museum of modern art and private apartments, we still have to go for a cultural experience in the city center. Therefore, proximity to key points of the capital & nbsp; is a necessary condition in order to feel comfortable in the city. Experienced developers, including MR Group, which is working on the restoration of a historic building in Potapovsky Pereulok, or Hutton, which is completing a project overlooking Zaryadye, understand this very well. & Nbsp;

But what if life in the heart of the capital seems to be fraught with bustle? Take care of convenient logistics. One of the successful examples from Optima Development & nbsp; – Prime Park residential area within walking distance from four metro stations and just a ten-minute drive to Moscow City and the center of the capital, where museums, theaters and restaurants are located under the direction of renowned chefs.


The Surf Club, designed by Richard Meier, is a Four Seasons hotel and residential residence in Miami. premium homes.

Second point: architecture. Of course, the aesthetics of facades plays an important role, but what is hidden behind them is even more important: engineering communications, materials, the skill of designers and workers.

Often, developers write in their booklets that international stars are responsible for architecture, & nbsp; – no, this is not a lie, but it is worth clarifying what exactly is meant. And often this only means that a renowned bureau or an eminent architect came up with the concept of the project.

But it also happens in another way. For example, Richard Meier, despite an impressive 86 years, not only completely designed a new complex of residences in Miami, but even together with clients who purchased apartments there during the construction phase, personally made changes to the plan at their request: absolutely the individual approach of the Pritzker Prize laureate & nbsp; is a rare, but still not unique case.

In Moscow, the world famous bureau, the British bureau Dyer also oversees all stages of work on the nine towers of the Prime Park quarter, implementing full author's supervision: from architectural solutions to engineering, from the design of a landscape park to the interior of apartments, from working documentation to the final inspection of objects.


Prime Park.

There are many places in the capital that are located in its very heart, and it would seem that there simply cannot be problems with infrastructure there. However, we all know that this is not the case. Therefore, the format of residential quarters, representing a city within a city, is becoming more and more widespread. Whatever we do, the everyday side of our life no-no, and it will remind of itself.

Therefore, access to shops, dry cleaning, parking, educational and sports complexes & nbsp; – the most important criterion. At Prime Park, & nbsp; went even further & nbsp; – in order to use a huge number of services, you do not even need to leave the walls of the apartment: using a mobile application, most of the services can be ordered home. Besides the obvious comfort, this approach provides another necessary condition: privacy.


Prime Park.

Privacy & nbsp; is the absolute value of our time. Calmness in the mad rhythm of a metropolis, a sense of security and the necessary personal space & nbsp; – to ensure all this is not an easy task, and it is necessary to approach it in a comprehensive manner. & Nbsp;

One of the options & nbsp; is a villa far from the crowd of people. This one was recently designed by Fabio Novembre on an island in Abu Dhabi: despite the completely glass walls, even a casual passer-by will not be able to figure out how to enter the house & nbsp; – the entrance is hidden behind a waterfall. An ideal refuge.

However, in such a metropolis as Moscow, it is much more difficult to ensure privacy: the windows of the buildings either face each other or the dull walls of nearby houses. The architects of Dyer managed to arrange the buildings so that from all windows a view of the city skyline or green park was opened. They also proposed an innovative solution: to bring all technical facilities to the center of the building in order to separate the flows of residents and personnel. All this completely eliminates the risk of unexpected guests appearing.


Standard layouts that do not allow for a creative approach to interior design & nbsp; are almost the main problem of residential quarters under construction in the capital. However, a pleasant trend has emerged: many new premium-class complexes today offer unique formats & nbsp; – penthouses, apartments with terraces, duplex apartments, trying to surprise and attract a potential buyer.

Another trend & nbsp; – the invitation of eminent designers to work on the final finishing of new apartments. Previously, such an option was almost inaccessible to Muscovites, but today, for example, such a world design star as Piero Lissoni is working on interiors in the capital.

Both trends are followed in Prime Park & ​​nbsp; – here they prepared 80 layouts in spaces with an area of ​​40 to 380 sq. m, and turnkey finishes are the responsibility of the Dyer bureau and the Italian studio Raboni Architetti.


Materials & nbsp; is a material expression of the quality of life. They have to be aesthetic, technological and durable, and this is not something that can be saved on when it comes to a unique product. As a theater begins with a coat rack, so a house begins not from the front door, but from the lobby.

New buildings show off its design, and developers invite design stars, such as Garry Nureyev, to make the space memorable and unlike anything to one another. Naturally, this approach does not imply compromises: only luxurious materials & nbsp; – and no exceptions.

If, entering the lobby, you find Brazilian quartz granite on the floor, which continues on the walls with porcelain stoneware panels, and the reception is decorated lamellas made of macassar, one of the most valuable types of wood, & nbsp; – which means that the developer is responsible for how residents will feel here. Prime Park did just that, outlining its priority: to make life happier by raising the standard of living available in the capital to new heights.

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