One of the buildings of the School of Architecture in Miami covered with concrete


In Florida, on the campus of the University of Miami School of Architecture, the construction of the Design Studio has been completed by the American bureau Arquitectonica . Its main feature is an undulating concrete roof slab mounted on steel columns. It covers the entire structure and protrudes forward, forming a covered patio.

For the architects themselves, this is a special project – its author is Raymond Fort he taught for some time at the University of Miami, as did his parents who founded Arquitectonica bureau – Bernardo Fort Brescia and Lorinda Speer .

Arquitectonica's construction takes into account the peculiarities of the hot and humid climate of Miami – for example, the glass facades of the building are reinforced with hurricane-resistant panels. And the smooth curves of the roof protect the interior spaces from direct sunlight.

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The east and west walls are lined with felt from the inside, so that students can post their work on them. The same purpose is served by mobile exhibition boards, which are installed inside the building and on the adjacent lawn.

Arquitectonica is one of America's oldest architectural firms, founded in 1977 in Miami. Its largest modernist buildings – American Airlines Arena, City Hall, The Atlantis Condominium – have become the hallmark of the city.

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