Opening of the Space Pavilion at VDNKh


The Space Pavilion opens after restoration work, which is remarkable – on Cosmonautics Day

In 1939, the Space Pavilion was called Mechanization and was a giant canopy hangar designed to demonstrate agricultural machines

According to Evgeny Rykshin, the chief engineer of the restoration project, they managed to find glass that was completely identical to the old one in terms of properties and color. A particular challenge was that each of the dome's more than 2,800 metal cells was individually sized. Therefore, each glazing field was carefully marked, after which unique patterns for glass melting were developed. This is painstaking and manual work that requires millimeter precision.

The restored dome of the “Cosmos” pavilion with the “Kremlin” star

“Restoration is like neurosurgery,” says Evgeny Rykshin. “Here, every action at the facility must be coordinated with a number of specialists and take into account many parameters. Unlike the construction of new facilities, when there is no need to look back at the past, here we have an era that brought this gift that we preserve. We need to work with respect for architects and their ideas. “

Chandelier in the form of a” Kremlin star “

The Space Pavilion was built in 1939 and was called Mechanization: at that time it was a giant shed hangar for the demonstration of agricultural machines. In 1954, it was rebuilt: from the side of the square, a solemn facade with sculptures was erected, and from the opposite side – a 62-meter domed hall designed by the architect G.B. Gordon. In 1956 it was renamed “Mechanical Engineering”, and in 1963 it was renamed “Cosmos” and “Mechanical Engineering”. In 1967, a famous space exhibition appeared here, which was visited by Yuri Gagarin.

In the mid-1990s, a space exhibition was closed, and troubled times came for the pavilion, and the pavilion itself fell into complete decay. For many years, a gardening fair was located here, seeds, shovels, seedlings and fertilizers were sold, then rave festivals and exhibitions were held.

An interactive museum center “Cosmonautics and Aviation” will soon open in the renovated pavilion, which will include more than 120 objects on the topic of space technology, as well as archival documents, photographs and videos.

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