Origami flowers


Flowers from paper with their own hands. Master classes of step by step origami with photos, Paper Flower Templates A4

Materials for work

Creativity from paper improves imagination and sense of artistic style, does not require any special materials and devices.

To create paper crafts you will need:

  • paper (colored, plain, corrugated, napkins); Flowers from paper with his hands. Master classes of step by step origami with photos, templates A4 Paper Craft Templates
  • glue;
  • duct tape;
  • scissors;
  • threads;
  • stapler.


Additional tools may be needed: wire, awl, drink tubes or empty ampoules to make the stems; Various beads, buttons, beads – to decorate the buds. Various paints will be used to paint the compositions. In some cases, hole punch, colored ribbons, pieces of fabric and cardboard will come in handy.

Recently, special kits for making artificial flowers have appeared in stores, which have basic components and step-by-step instructions with illustrations.

Create a flower out of paper with their own hands can be in the style of origami, which consists only of folding a variety of configurations. To make crafts in this technique need multi-colored double-sided paper, a substance for gluing and scissors.

To make the simplest model, proceed as follows:

  • prepare a square piece of coloured paper;
    Fold it diagonally on both sides to form smooth edges, as well as perform straight folds, which will result in the addition of a square in half;
  • bend towards the center of one of the obtained vertices;
  • perform the same operations with the remaining three corners;
  • Make folds on all twisted triangles. To get them, you have to fold it, first forming a triangle on one side, then smoothing, form a fold on the other edge;
  • turn the product the other way around;
  • Bend the corners and formed a square;
  • unfold the workpiece again;
  • On the previously made folds, which are on all bent to the center triangles need to make certain actions. Create creases in the middle of the figures and smooth out the edges;
  • do the same with the remaining triangles;
  • wrap the corners and flip the future flower back again;
  • all the corners look like flower petals. Straighten them out;
  • again flip to the opposite side and bend the corners away from the center. These are the petals of the future masterpiece;
  • bend diagonally, carefully pulling out these leaves;
  • In the resulting flower you need to sharpen slightly the ends of the outer leaves, pressing them with your fingers.

You can make such a creation out of any color you like.


Giant Paper Flower Templates – Flower-pink roses made of paper with their own hands is not difficult to do:

  • Draw a spiral on a square of paper, cut it out and twist it to make a rose;
  • Attach the resulting bud to the base with glue;
  • shape it into the desired shape by gently arranging the flower.

To create a bouquet you will have to make a lot of these blanks. Pick up the color of the paper as desired.


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