Parametric Bridge in Iwakuni by Kengo Kuma


Japanese architect Kengo Kuma restored a flood-ravaged bridge in Iwakuni City, combining traditional woodworking with modern technology

Iwakuni Parametric Bridge from Kengo Kuma

The city of Iwakuni in Japan's Yamaguchi prefecture is famous for its bridges. Here is one of the sights of Japan & nbsp; – one of the three most famous bridges, the five-arched Brocade Bridge (in Japanese Kintai-kyo & nbsp; – it got its name because of the similarity of its shape with the traditional kimono belt).

But not only it attracts tourists here. Recently in Iwakuni, another, no less expressive bridge, built according to the design of the Kengo Kuma studio (Kengo Kuma), has appeared. The architects restored the structure, which was destroyed in the severe flooding of 2018. This project is called “Kusugibashi” and combines the tradition of carpentry and cutting-edge design technology. The bridge is an intricate wooden structure that serves as a kind of symbol of renewal for the local community. -content/uploads/2022/09/8d21c6d0c19db32c67982766e2d7dfc7.jpg” width=”728″ height=”546″ class=”lazy-image__image _align-center” data-v-64ca9b5a=”1″ alt=”Iwakuni Parametric Bridge from Kengo Kuma” />Iwakuni Parametric Bridge by Kengo Kuma

To reduce the likelihood of repeated destruction, the architects made the bridge frame of reinforced concrete, which was reinforced with wooden balustrades from local cypress (they are arranged in an arc and follow the contour of the neighboring mountain range). For wooden parts, the most standard and most common sizes were chosen, which simplifies the operation and repair of the bridge in the future and at the same time harmoniously correlates the scale of the building with the proportions of the human body.

Iwakuni Parametric Bridge from Kengo KumaIwakuni Parametric Bridge by Kengo Kuma

The bridge combines traditional Japanese carpentry techniques with parametric architecture – instead of the classic layout of straight lines and rectangles, dynamic elements and algorithmic constructions are used in parametric projects. It turned out spectacularly and unusually – the sides and sides of the bridge smoothly bend, organically fitting into the natural environment.

Iwakuni Parametric Bridge by Kengo KumaIwakuni Parametric Bridge by Kengo Kuma

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