Park designed by Alexander Brodsky in the art estate Veretyevo


A park created by the architect Alexander Brodsky is opening in the art-estate Veretyevo. Architectural objects are inscribed in the natural swamp landscape, forming a large-scale work of land art on an area of ​​7 hectares

< p>Art Estate Veretyevo & nbsp; – a place with a rich history, well known to the entire creative community of the capital. Once there was a pioneer camp, then there were the Biennale of youth art “Stop who is coming!”, The festival of contemporary art “Art-Veretyevo”, as well as numerous art happenings with the participation of artists, designers, musicians, journalists. The art objects created by them adorn the territory of the art estate today.

Of no less interest are the interiors of the boutique hotel, decorated by regular guests of the art estate: Evgeny Ass, Andrey Bilzho, Igor Gurovich, Mikhail Kusnirovich, Leonid Parfenov, Olga Soldatova. Also on the territory of Veretyevo there is a glamping, a private farm, reindeer pens and a restaurant operating on organic products of its own production. And now another attraction has appeared on the territory of the estate – a park with architectural objects, created by the architect Alexander Brodsky and occupying an area of ​​7 hectares.

The guidebook, on the texts of which the art historian and architectural critic Grigory Revzin worked together with curator and literary critic Anna Narinskaya, is designed to make a trip through Veretyevo Park even more exciting and deep experience. The famous graphic designer Igor Gurovich developed the graphic solution for this edition, and the photographer Yuri Palmin created a photographic series for him.

“The Veretyevo estate & nbsp; is a restoration of the tradition of a classic estate near Moscow, but at the same time a parody of it. In a sense, Veretyevo Park can be viewed in the same sense, & nbsp; – Grigory Revzin comments on this project. & Nbsp; – A manor does not exist without a park, but it is a park-swamp. Historically, there was no estate in Veretyevo, there was a pioneer camp. Brodsky Park & ​​nbsp; – a park about how to escape from a pioneer camp. There are a lot of places where you can hide, and all of them seem to be made by the hands of ugly pioneers from materials borrowed from the sites of irritated summer residents. It is full of quotes from classic parks. We had a great estate culture, Kuskovo, Arkhangelskoye, Voronovo, Marfino & nbsp; – several hundred estates that perished in the swamp of Russian life. Well, here they rise from it, soaked, modified as a result of habitation by goblin and kikimors, who have replaced nymphs and satyrs in our tradition. “

The official opening will take place this weekend. It will be accompanied by a performance by the trio of Volkov, Starostin and Shilkloper and their friends: they will perform landscape music on ethnic instruments in various art objects of Brodsky. The authors of the project will conduct a tour of the art objects for the guests, and restaurateur Yuri Gnatyuk will present to the audience the author's alcohol-gastronomic sets, invented specifically for each object in conjunction with Alexander Brodsky. And for the general public, the park will be open from 28 June. Come!

When: June 28, 2021

Where: Moscow region, Taldomsky district, village. Veretyevo, Art-Estate Veretyevo, Coordinates: & nbsp; 56.696625, 37.274229

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