Pierre Bonnard retrospective opened at Tate Modern


London's Tate Modern has opened the largest exhibition of the French post-impressionist Pierre Bonnard “The Color of Memory”. More than a hundred paintings, created from 1912 to 1947, were collected from museums and private collections from around the world.

Few artists can boast of such consistency in art as Pierre Bonnard. He was born in 1867 and died in 1947, having lived almost 80 years of grace. And throughout his life, his style and themes of creativity have never changed dramatically. And this despite the rapid change of modernism at the beginning of the twentieth century: Cubism, Futurism, Surrealism passed by Bonnard. He never turned off the right road of Post-Impressionism and onto the slippery slope of fashionable and newest isms.

Almost all his life Bonnard painted landscapes and lyrical home scenes – noble, unhurried meals, walks, tea drinking. You can endlessly be touched by children, cats and dogs on his canvases. Bonnard created many portraits of his wife – naked, in the bathroom, an impeccable model for his “intimate” painting. In a word, now they would say that he wrote slow life, a slow measured life without shocks and shocks.

Only the color changed in his works: some shades appeared, others disappeared – gold, ocher, lilac, blue, pink , pearl. The surface of his paintings vibrates with a scattering of flowers and trembling quivering strokes, they seem to glow from the inside – and this color painting is all Bonnard.

André Ostier
Pierre Bonnard
© André Ostier

Pierre Bonnard
& # 171; The Studio with Mimosas & # 187;
Musée National d & # 8217; Art Moderne & # 8212; Center Pompidou
Photo © Center Pompidou, MNAM-CCI, Dist. RMN-Grand Palais

Pierre Bonnard
& # 171; Dining Room in the Country & # 187;
Minneapolis Institute of Art

Pierre Bonnard
& # 171; Window Open on the Seine (Vernon) & # 187;
Ville de Nice Musée des Beaux-Arts Jules Chéret
Photo Muriel Anssens

Pierre Bonnard
& # 171; The Garden & # 187;
Musée d & # 8217; Art moderne de la Ville de Paris/Roger-Viollet

Pierre Bonnard
& # 171; The Fourteenth of July & # 187;
Private collection

Pierre Bonnard
& # 171; Nude in the Bath & # 187;
1936 < br /> Musée d & # 8217; Art moderne de la Ville de Paris/Roger-Viollet

< strong> Pierre Bonnard
& # 171; A Ruined Village Near Ham & # 187;
© Domaine public/CNAP/photo: Yves Chenot

Pierre Bonnard
& # 171; Coffee & # 187;
1915 < br /> Tate

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