Plane brilliant! Fly-in film screening held in Poland amid pandemic


Robert Judycki

Drive-in cinemas have already popped up around Europe during the coronavirus pandemic so film lovers can enjoy a movie from the safety of their vehicles.

Now it’s the turn of planes!

A club in Poland organised a special “fly-in” film screening earlier this week. Around 50 people watched Loving Pablo — with Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem — safely ensconced in their cockpits in Pila, 300km north-west of Warsaw.

“During that crazy time around the world, we wanted to create something safe for (the) community in Poland,” a spokesperson for the flying club told Euronews. “We were surprised that even people from Berlin came to see the movie by plane!”

The club said it is keen to organise further screenings.

“The next movie we would like to show depends on (a) survey of people participating in the event,” it said.

But it’s not just planes, film lovers have also enjoyed their favourite pastime on boats, such as in Paris and below, in Venice.

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