Practical art objects – novelties of altreforme


Stools as sculptures and “kinetic” screens as famous architects design furniture.

Altreforme is an Italian brand, a subsidiary of the Fontana Group, which produces car bodies. The parent company works with metal, and the design brand is organically integrated into this production. altreforme was invented by the granddaughter of the founder of the concern: the brand produces designer interior items made of aluminum. Keeping in mind the roots of the company – both raw materials and financial opportunities are not limited. So Valentina Fontana can afford any experiments, and her brand has established itself as bright, original and definitely not boring.

Practical art objects - new altreforme

Practical art objects - new altreforme< /i>

The company is known for high-profile collaborations. The new altreforme models are designed by the Fuksas couple. Doriana and Massimiliano Fuksas (FUKSAS) are major international architects, and simply making a chair is not their style.

Practical art objects - new altreforme

The architects designed two models for the altreforme: Sissi and Otto. Sissi is a set of five stools that easily fold into an original design, like a modern sculpture. They are made of lightweight aluminum and painted in bright colors, so that the composition is really in the spirit of the Pompidou Center exhibits. But it's not just about the image: Fuksas say that Sissi will help save space in future (and already increasingly under construction) houses that “grow” up due to the lack of free space on Earth.

Practical art objects - new altreforme

Otto is a spectacular perforated screen that folds into a dizzying pattern. It seems that this is a wave or a whirlwind that comes into motion. The architects call their brainchild a kinetic piece of furniture (meaning the direction in art with that name) and offer to decorate houses with it in a futuristic style.

Practical art objects - new altreforme

Of course, Sissi and Otto look best as a couple, because their design has a lot of similarities (geometry, gamma).

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