Public space in an abandoned quarry


DnA_Design and Architecture has created event space in an unusual location, a former quarry

May 8, 2022Abandoned quarry public space

Jinyun County is located in the south of China's Zhejiang province, surrounded by forests. Due to the lack of fertile soil in the area, it was impossible to engage in agriculture, so until recently, stone mining was the basis of the local economy. In recent years, the quarries stopped working and stood abandoned: the locals used them to breed fish or chickens. As part of a massive beautification project for the county, the government commissioned DnA_Design and Architecture to transform nine quarries into community and cultural spaces.Abandoned Quarry Public SpaceAbandoned Quarry Public SpacePublic space in an abandoned quarry

The architects did their best to preserve the picturesque ledges of rocks and the natural texture of the stone and harmoniously fit the new structures into the natural context. To date, the studio has completed work on three quarries.

The first contains a library: bookcases and reading areas are located on stone platforms surrounded by a wooden fence.

In the second quarry, a space was organized for holding cultural events – the stage and seats for spectators are at the very bottom of the gorge.

In the third quarry, the architects made an amphitheater where visitors can watch the process of stone mining.

Public space in an abandoned quarryAbandoned Quarry Public SpacePublic space in an abandoned quarry

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