Public toilet designed by Toyo Ito in Japan


Architect Toyo Ito designed the public toilet as three separate mushroom booths in Shibuya

Pritzker Architecture Prize winner Toyo Ito designed a public toilet in Tokyo's Shibuya area. It stands at the foot of the stairs leading to the Yoyogi Hachimangu shrine on the site of a previous old building and consists of three cylindrical blocks with domed roofs resembling mushroom caps.

The architect strove to create a calm, attractive design that would be attractive and not cause negative emotions. The largest central “mushroom” is located somewhat deeper and contains a toilet stall for the disabled. On both sides there are smaller blocks, in which are respectively the women's and men's booths.

from a darker brown and terracotta shade at the base to pink and white at the top. The roof is raised above the block, creating openings through which fresh air and daylight can enter the booths.

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