Rem Koolhaas Bureau OMA will build a football stadium


The Dutch architecture firm OMA Rem Koolhaas has presented the details of the design of the stadium, which is planned to be built in Rotterdam by 2023. It will become the new home arena of one of the leading football clubs in the Netherlands, Feyenoord, replacing the old De Kuip stadium.

The arena will be located in Rotterdam's Feyenoord district on the south bank of the Meuse. It will seat 63,000 spectators and will become the largest football arena in the Netherlands. The peculiarity of the OMA project is in an unusual location for such objects: the building is close to the water, opening up panoramic views of the Meuse and the adjacent coastal zone. The stadium itself has the shape of a large deep bowl, the lattice facades of which form a dense curved shell over the glass volume.

The construction of the stadium is part of the OMA master plan for the development of the Feyenord district, which was approved by the authorities of Rotterdam in 2016. The planning and development project for this area includes the construction of a new stadium, reconstruction of the old arena, as well as the improvement of the coastal zone. So, the De Kuip OMA stadium is planned to be rebuilt into housing, shops, restaurants and an athletics center, and a park will be set up around the building and the city square will be landscaped. It is planned to connect the old and new stadiums by means of a pedestrian bridge, where commercial and public spaces will be equipped, as well as parking.

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