Renovation of the Royal Museum of Fine Arts in Antwerp


KAAN Architecten has completed the first and second phases of the renovation project of the Royal Museum of Fine Arts in Antwerp

The Royal Museum of Fine Arts in Antwerp is one of the few examples of bold neoclassical architecture that has survived in the city. While working on the museum's renovation project, Dutch studio KAAN Architecten aimed to completely hide the new extension in the original structure to highlight the building's historical value. At the same time, the atmosphere in a 19th century museum and a 21st century museum is radically different.

The museum is now divided into three parts: the entrance area, exhibition areas and offices. A grand staircase leads to heavy oak doors that hide the lobby. It houses an interactive information desk, a café, an event auditorium and a bookstore. A spiral staircase leads down to the floor below where the library, cloakroom and large group entrance are located. Passing through the lobby, visitors find themselves in the central hall, named after the artist Nikes de Keyser, where two possible paths open up in front of them: up the stairs to the restored rooms of the 19th century, or straight & nbsp; – to the new part of the museum.

Although the first two phases of the project have been completed, the team has yet to carry out office renovations and operational tests of the climate system, garden, move artwork and create a new mosaic at the entrance. Therefore, the official date of the museum has not yet been announced.

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