Repair of a small apartment: important secrets


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When decorating the space of a small apartment, you will face a lot of difficulties. But do not be afraid – all this is completely surmountable. To implement your plans in an apartment with limited square meters, you need to know how to increase the space in a small apartment.

Small apartment renovation - secrets

If you decide to make a major renovation, then start by replacing windows and batteries. Modern plastic windows have narrower double-glazed windows than old wooden ones. This will increase the width of the sill by an average of 10 cm.

Overhauling the flooring will also help expand the space of a small room. Many floors are made of wood sheathed with fiberboard, and are 7 cm thick. A modern floor, for example, laminate, will take only 2-3 cm, which will give a room height an additional 5 cm. Believe me, this is not so little!

When deciding to change the flooring and renovate the walls, pay special attention to the color of the materials. Give preference to light, more uniform and non-structural textures for wallpaper and flooring.

Consider redeveloping. Check out the article Zoning an apartment, in which I talked about proper zoning in a small apartment. On this site you will find many tips for renovating small apartments. Many people are mistaken, believing that small rooms (kitchens, bathrooms, etc.) are found only in old apartments. This is not entirely true. Often it is necessary to make repairs in new buildings in the city center, apartments in which cost fabulous money, and the rooms in them were completely inconvenient and tiny planning. You have to use real ingenuity to somehow equip such a dwelling. So everyone can face the problem of repairing a small apartment.

If one or two people live in an apartment, then the layout of a studio apartment will be an excellent design solution for a small apartment. In such an apartment, one room flows smoothly into another, and they are not separated from each other by walls. This technique will help you visually expand the space of the room.

 Small apartment renovation - studio

The greatest capacity, in comparison with the old familiar wardrobes, is possessed by modern sliding wardrobes. They allow you to make full use of your limited space to get the most out of floor to ceiling. And much more things can fit in such cabinets.

Very often the bathroom in small apartments is separate and so little space is allocated for the toilet that sometimes, even a person with an average weight category, it is simply impossible to unfold in it. If a small family lives in the apartment, then it makes sense to demolish this dividing wall and make the bathroom joint. The won squares will even allow you to put a washing machine in the bathroom.

To renovate a small apartment and remain satisfied with the result for many years, you should not save on one important point – furniture. The best solution would be custom-made furniture or built-in furniture. And although it will cost a little more, you will see the saved meters immediately. For apartments with a non-standard layout or tiny rooms, such furniture will probably remain the only way out. Furniture that is sold in the store is unlikely to suit you. Although now more and more often you can find stores that produce furniture specifically for small-sized apartments. The well-known Swedish company Ikea produces furniture just for small apartments. Simple in shape and comfortable, it fits perfectly into a small space. If you search, you will definitely find other similar stores in your city.

Perhaps the most pressing issue is the renovation of a small kitchen. We have already talked about the features of repairing small kitchen rooms in the article & # 171; Planning and design of a small kitchen & # 187;, as well as a huge amount of useful information in the entire “Kitchen” section.

 Small apartment renovation - kitchen

I advise you to replace the old kitchen set with a new one. Modern kitchen furniture contains a huge amount of space-saving utilities – all kinds of drawers, rotating shelves and various types of storage cabinets.

Even if you're not ready yet for such large-scale and costly events, you can make cosmetic repairs by changing the wall coverings and adding lighting. Choose lighter, softer wallpaper colors, add more lights, and the room will look much wider and brighter.

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