Ruby City: Art Center Designed by David Adjaye in Texas


London-based architect David Adjaye designed a cultural center in San Antonio, Texas, due to open in October 2019

 Ruby city: art center by designed by David Adjaye in Texas (photo 0)

In October 2019, a new art center is preparing to open in San Antonio, Texas, being built by David Adjaye's architectural firm. It will house the permanent collection of art by Linda Pace, an artist, philanthropist and collector who passed away in 2007, as well as cultural events and exhibitions by American and international artists. “My goal was to translate Linda's ideas into the architecture of the building that will house her legacy. This is a big responsibility for me, and this project has a special place in my heart, “says Ajaye.

Ruby City: David Adjaye Design Art Center in Texas (photo 2)

The appearance of the building, popularly called the “Ruby City”, is inspired in part by the architecture of the Spanish Christian missions that were widespread in the South of America in the 16th – 19th centuries. “Linda had a clear vision that her foundation should become the main attraction for the local community,” continues the architect. “Perfectly integrated into the San Antonio landscape, this gem-like building attracts visitors. It takes you on a journey through the halls in which Linda's collection is displayed organically and meaningfully. “

Ruby City: Art Center designed by David Adjaye in Texas (photo 4)

The facades of the building are made of Mexican-made concrete, painted in a rich pink-red color, which gives the museum a ruby-like appearance. Below the concrete is smoothly polished, on the upper tiers it retains its rough natural texture and is complemented by red glass of different shades. Natural light enters the building through the skylights. The main lobby inside the building is also lined with crimson panels, which is also in line with Linda's own ideas about the repository of her fund as a ruby ​​city.

Ruby City: Art Center designed by David Adjaye in Texas (photo 6) A sketch of “Ruby City”, which Linda Pace drew not long before her death in 2007.

The area of ​​the museum is 10 thousand square meters ft (just over 929 sq. m.), which will house over 900 works of art from the collection of the Linda Pace Foundation. A sculpture garden is planned outside the museum. The art center will become part of a large-scale project that also provides for a green area of ​​1 acre (0.4 hectares), as well as additional exhibition space for cultural events and curatorial programs.

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 Ruby City: David Adjaye Design Art Center in Texas (photo 8)

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