Russian designer developed the concept of a drone-helicopter for the delivery of goods within the city


We have entered an era where pandemics and military conflicts have become the new reality, and an increasing number of designers are trying to adapt to this new situation through innovative projects. Unmanned aerial vehicles or so-called drones have gained a lot of popularity in the consumer entertainment sector, while in recent years they have taken on more roles related to metropolitan infrastructure, such as traffic surveillance and delivery of goods.

 "VR Helicopter Drone" — concept of an unmanned aerial vehicle, created by a young Russian designer Vladislav Kulikov. The project, from sketches to 3D visualization, was developed in a short enough time to create a first impression of a model that may one day come to life. Unlike the compact form of conventional drones (such as the dronut X or the mini pixy flying camera), the one mentioned is medium in size and shaped like a helicopter. According to the designer, the vehicle is designed for flights within cities, building logistics routes and reliable delivery of small cargo.

Helicopter drone - concept by Russian designer

Unmanned VR helicopter, aerodynamic vehicle for cargo missions

 The shape of the drone helicopter is inspired by the body of a bird and creates a sense of separation from its skeleton. Due to its aerodynamic body, the design will have less air resistance and will likely consume less power compared to conventional drones. Also, unlike other quadcopter drones, its single propeller requires less space. In fact, according to the designer, this unmanned aerial vehicle will serve as a starting point for the upcoming big project.

 Helicopter drone - concept by Russian designer

Yes, the classic single-rotor helicopter scheme with a fenestron tail rotor in the tail boom has been used for quite a long time, and a scale model should inherit not only all the advantages, but also disadvantages. The concept of Vladislav Kulikov even reminded a little of the first experimental helicopter of the 40s of the XX century Vought-Sikorsky 300 — Igor Sikorsky. The author of the concept talks about good aerodynamics, but uses a massive non-retractable landing gear of an unusual design, reminiscent of bird legs, which will clearly increase air resistance and, moreover, the longitudinal centering of the drone is doubtful, but nevertheless, the concept deserves 100 percent attention, and the Designnews editors sincerely hopes that the concept will be noticed and appreciated by Russian helicopter and UAV manufacturers.

Helicopter drone - concept by Russian designer

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