So Fujimoto's tree building in Montpellier, France


In Montpellier, France, the construction of a 17-storey residential building according to the project of Sou Fujimoto Architects and French bureaus Nicolas Laisné Architectes , DREAM and < strong> Oxo Architectes . The building, named “L'Arbre Blanc” ( “White Wood” ), will be commissioned in early 2019. The project cost was about € 22 million.

An unusual tower with a total area of ​​11,900 sq. m is located between the central part of the city and the new, actively developing areas of Port Marianne and Odysseum. In addition to the housing itself, there are office premises, an art gallery and a restaurant on the ground floor and a public bar at the very top with beautiful panoramic views of the city, river, mountains.

The streamlined building, like a powerful trunk “growing” from the ground, demonstrates the Japanese penchant for organic architecture. Many strongly protruding and impressive balconies-“leaves” become a natural continuation of residential and public areas and illustrate the blurring of boundaries between external and internal space characteristic of Mediterranean architecture. And the planned fragments of vertical landscaping will further enhance this effect. The building's universal white color becomes, in this context, the unifying element cementing this unexpected symbiosis of two very different traditions.

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