Something on the restoration: 9 terms used by restorers


The Ruarts Foundation is extending The Cut Exhibition, celebrating the history and restoration of the late 19th Manor, until April 10th. Before visiting the exhibition, we invite you to check how well you know the terms used by restorers

Until April 10 at the Ruarts Foundation the exhibition project “Cut” with installations by artists Matvey Shapiro and Alexei Luka. It was based on the historical and cultural study of the estate of the doctor of medicine V. F. Snegirev, built by the architect Roman Klein. ELLE DECORATION has compiled a list of nine expressions that will help not only to better understand the exhibition, but also to talk to any restorer. 

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Kroki&nbsp ; – a drawing of a section of the terrain, objects, made during eye survey. It is used when examining a restored object. This is the main document of the full-scale (field) stage of work, it is an important component of the entire set of documentation for an architectural structure.

Something on restoration: 9 terms used by restorersA fragment of the work at the Slash exhibition.Something on restoration: 9 terms used by restorersFragment of the work at the “Section” exhibition.


Exterior – these are the features of the artistic design of the external appearance of any architectural object. Simply put, the exterior is the appearance of a building, which is designed to provide a person with the most pleasant aesthetic perception. The concept of “exterior design” is based on the idea of ​​artistic perception of the world by a person through the perfection of architectural forms.

If we consider the changes in the architectural appearance of buildings throughout the history of mankind on Earth, we can understand that the exterior of buildings is also not constant. Individual exterior details are typical only for a certain territory or time period.

Something on restoration: 9 terms used by restorersGES-2, Moscow.


Facade (fr. facade; it. facciata, from faccia — face) — outer side, appearance, vertical surface of a building or part thereof. There are facades: main, side and rear, street, courtyard, garden. Restoration of building facades is a complex of works, the main purpose of which is to restore their appearance and performance. Such events allow extending the service life of objects, preserving their architectural and historical value. One of the main goals when updating buildings is to preserve the specific artistic style of the building and the intent of its author. 

Something on restoration: 9 terms used by restorersUS Supreme Court Building.


Attribution – lat. attributio, establishing the author of a work of art or the time and place of creation of a monument of history and culture. Attribution traditionally relies on the intuition and empirical knowledge of a specialist. Since the end of the 19th century, attribution has also been based on scientific stylistic and iconographic analysis, the results of chemical and physical research (macro and micro photography, radiography, photography in infrared and ultraviolet rays, etc.). Attribution is an important part of restoration, artistic expertise and museum work.Something on restoration: 9 terms used by restorers


Stucco molding – relief decorations on the facades and in the interiors of buildings, cast in special forms from plaster, lime or concrete. Stucco was especially popular in ancient Greece and Rome and was later used frequently during the Renaissance. It is believed that stucco is more often part of historical buildings, however, it is also widely used in modern interiors. =”/wp-content/uploads/2022/03/8593cb919435501316f99c10e8989c01.jpg” width=”728″ height=”484″ class=”lazy-image__image _align-center” data-v-371a4ab7=”1″ alt=”What something on restoration: 9 terms used by restorers” />Interior of Wallington House in Northumberland, England.


In order not to lose the monument in anticipation of its full restoration, objects are often subjected to conservation. It includes periodic repairs that do not affect the main structure and features of the building, which give it historical and cultural value.

Conservation (from Latin conservatio – preservation, saving) – a set of measures that ensure maximum safety buildings, structures, works of art. Special institutes, laboratories and restoration workshops are engaged in the development of scientifically based conservation methods.

Something on restoration: 9 terms used by restorersDissection exhibition at the Ruarts Foundation.


During the entire cycle, the restorer writes down his actions in a diary, according to which they then draw up a passport of the work, or a report. In general, various documentation is an integral part of the restoration, since the restorer is not a free artist, but a researcher.

Scientific restoration sees in a monument not only a work of art, but also a historical document. Therefore, even if the original author's layer is fully revealed without the preservation of later records, it is important to record all stages of the monument's existence. This is done with the help of description, photography and cartograms.

Something on restoration: 9 terms used by restorersRestoration work at Windsor Castle after the fire.


An ensemble is a functionally connected set of buildings and the surrounding environment, brought to unity and given a certain artistic appearance. An architectural ensemble, just like a separate building and its interior, is an architectural work and an object of the architect's creative work.

There are urban, suburban and park ensembles. Architecture in them, to a greater or lesser extent, is always combined with nature, which also becomes the object of architectural composition.Something on restoration: 9 terms used by restorersPiazza San Marco, Venice.


Bouchard (fr. boucharde) – a restorer's tool: a metal hammer with two striking surfaces that are covered with teeth. It is used when processing hard rocks of stone and carving large sculptural works. Bouchard gives the surface of the stone a picturesque roughness. .jpg” width=”728″ height=”485″ class=”lazy-image__image _align-center” data-v-371a4ab7=”1″ alt=”Something on restoration: 9 terms used by restorers” />

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