Table for aesthetes: novelty by Promemoria


A well-known Italian brand specializing in sophisticated items and its new Bilou Bilou table.

In the late 1990s, the ideologist and creator of the Promemoria brand, designer Romeo Sozzi came up with his own version of the legendary Viennese chair. The model is fully upholstered in velvet and named Bilou Bilou. The name is a joke, a pun – the Promemoria team makes ultra-expensive furniture, but with a touch of humor and an obligatory game component.

Desk for aesthetes: new Promemoria

New 2022 – Bilou Bilou again, but this time in the form of a table. The round dining table resembles the legendary armchair, first of all, in the manner of execution: it is almost completely upholstered in velvet. Both beveled legs and the edge of the tabletop are all made in velvet. And a beautiful turquoise hue (there is an option in mocha brown).

Desk for aesthetes: new Promemoria

Velvet is unusual: Sozzi has developed a special fabric that stretches without creases and cracks, which allows it to wrap all the curves of the chair. And now the table.

Desk for aesthetes: new Promemoria

The tabletop is made of mahogany. The drawing was created using the inlay technique, and in addition to the one shown in the photo, you can choose other options for the ornament. “Cherry on the cake” – bronze “horseshoes” of the legs.

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