Tallest skyscraper by Zaha Hadid Architects in Nanjing


Zaha Hadid Architects has announced the completion of work on the International Youth Cultural Center in Nanjing, China. Two high-rise towers occupied 1,300 hotel rooms and office spaces.

The center was originally built for the 2014 Youth Olympic Games in record time using all the latest technology. As a result, in just 18 months of work on the site, it was possible to erect two high-rise towers and a congress center with a total area of ​​465 thousand square meters. m. But only now the large-scale project of Zaha Hadid Architects has acquired its final form, which fully meets the needs of a large metropolis.

The complex, which is of great urban importance, is located on the embankment of the Yangtze River and is connected by a pedestrian bridge with the green island of Jiangxinzhou, which is planned to be developed as a recreational area. The upper floors of the 315-meter tower – this is without exaggeration the highest object of the star bureau – now occupy 300 rooms of the five-star Jumeirah Nanjing hotel, below there are office areas. The second tower, the height of which is “only” 255 meters, is reserved for 1000 rooms of the hotel in the lower class. The trapezoidal shape of the skyscrapers made it possible to maximize the views towards the river and the island, as well as significantly increase the efficiency of floor planning.

The cultural center itself is made up of four practically independent volumes grouped around the inner plaza. They are occupied by a conference hall for 2,100 seats with equipment for concert and theater events, an auditorium for 500 people, shops and guest areas. By providing a ground-level passageway, the architects combined the volumes on the upper levels, creating a complex spatial composition, which they themselves call “three-dimensional calligraphy.”

Another association they established is the Yunjin art that originated in Nanjing – literally: “cloud brocade”, which is traditionally spun from silk with the addition of silver and gold threads. In the same way, the intertwining pattern of external decoration gathers the towers, the cultural center itself, the city square, and the bridge into a single “organism”.

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