Terracotta Education Center in Austria


Pedevilla Architects have created a minimalistic education center on the grounds of a regular school

In the Austrian city of Frastanz, an unusual educational center has appeared on the territory of an ordinary school. It occupies a two-storey building of complex shape, covered with plaster and completely painted in a wine-burgundy color. The center was designed by Pedevilla Architects from South Tyrol, known for its minimalist country houses. A similar style can be traced in the exterior of the educational center. The only expressive details on the plain facade are window openings, tightly closed with fabric shutters, and rare niches of balconies.

The educational center is intended for preschoolers and children of primary school age. The building has four multifunctional zones, which are united by a common space & nbsp; – the so-called “market”, where children can get together, and parents can discuss educational problems. Also in the educational center there are gyms and classrooms for music lessons. When designing the building, Pedevilla Architects paid special attention to the distribution of children. The zones are organized so that each age group has their own isolated space for study and play.

Ilya Polyakov

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