Teutonic castle for sale near Kaliningrad


The authorities of the Kaliningrad region will once again put the medieval knight's castle Preussisch-Eylau up for sale. The historical building was already tried to be sold in 2018 for 9.7 million rubles, now its cost is estimated at 4.7 million

The Preussisch-Eylau Castle in present-day Bagrationovsk, Kaliningrad Region, is a cultural heritage site of regional importance. Its construction was started in 1325 by order of the Grand Master of the Teutonic Order, Werner von Orseln. The work was supervised by master Arnold von Eilenstein. The new Teutonic stronghold was erected on the site of the Prussian fortress Sutvrit and stood on an island surrounded by a ditch (for this a dam was built and the water level in the river was artificially raised).

Teutonic castle for sale near Kaliningrad

By 1330 the castle was built. It was a quadrangle measuring 41×43 m with a drawbridge and gates with massive bars. A large forburg was built on the eastern side. The name of the fortress – Ile – eventually transformed into Iladia, and then into Preisish-Ilov (Preussish-eylau).

In our time it was used as a warehouse. A shooting gallery was built on the site of the western wing, which was demolished in the 1990s. Then they wanted to renovate it and open a fashionable hotel, but the plans were never realized. The condition of the building left much to be desired, and it was further aggravated by a fire in 2016, as a result of which the roof was partially burned out.

In 2018, the authorities of the Kaliningrad region tried to sell the castle under the hammer, but no one was willing to buy it for 9.73 million rubles: not a single application was submitted. In 2020, the price was reduced to 6.3 million, but the auction again did not take place due to a lack of applicants. And now the historic building is again put up for sale – this time for 4.7 million rubles.

The lucky owner of the Teutonic citadel will get a stone building with an area of ​​160 square meters with preserved fragments of the moat and defensive walls, and also a large amount of work on the restoration and restoration of a monument of medieval architecture.

Teutonic castle for sale near Kaliningrad

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