The airport in Gelendzhik will be built by the Italian Studio Fuksas


Italian Studio Fuksas with branches in France and China won an international competition to design a new building for Gelendzhik Airport, one of the most popular summer tourist destinations in Russia. The timing of the construction of the building, called by the architects “bird”, has not yet been determined.

“In the project, we did not seek to portray a static interpretation of the gliding bird, but we wanted to capture the moment when it changes direction in order to give the structure its own dynamics and poetics “, – they say in the studio.

The new airport is an almost entirely curved glass building covered with a polymeric roof that repeats its contour. The studio has traditionally taken into account the presence of natural light in the design and made homages to the surrounding landscape. From the air, the building really looks like a huge pigeon, although it can also be read as a floating jellyfish, of which there are also many exits to parking lots and main highways.

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