The building of the judges' tower was reconstructed in Nizhny Novgorod


The neo-constructivist building found a new life in the project of the GORA architectural bureau

In 2021, Nizhny Novgorod celebrates its 800th anniversary. For the anniversary, the city is being actively improved & nbsp; – including, in architectural terms. Here began the reconstruction of the Grebnoy Canal embankment, which has not been repaired for 50 years. The improvement program also includes some buildings located on the embankment, one of which & nbsp; is a former referee's tower.

The tower was modernized by the GORA architectural bureau, known for the reconstruction of the Jupiter recreation center in Nizhny Novgorod and the project of a shopping center on Sovetskaya Square in the same place. Initially, the tower was a vivid example of late Soviet neoconstructivism (it was built in 1988 according to the project of Sergei Kasatkin and Yuri Kartsev), but in recent years it was dilapidated.

The architects painted the building in gray, and the accent elements (columns, railings and windows) in dark red. The HH800 logo appeared on the facade in honor of the anniversary of the city. A few meters from the building, a wooden flooring with steps to sit on and tables was installed. Original constructivist elements appeared in the interior of the tower – for example, the two-tone color of the walls. Now the building houses a souvenir shop “Nizhny 800” and a noodle shop “Scoop”.

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