The city's Aquarium will be built on the site of the former airport in Oslo


A project by the British bureau Haptic Architects has been selected for construction in the Norwegian capital. Two elongated domes stretching into the sea will decorate the city embankment

London-based Haptic Architects have been selected to design the new Oslo City Aquarium. The design project represents two smooth “hills”, as if flowing from the coast into the sea. The new complex will cover an area of ​​more than 10,000 square meters and hold more than 7 million liters of water, becoming the largest public aquarium in northern Europe.

The new building will be located in the municipality of Berum on the outskirts of the Norwegian capital. The Aquarium complex will be part of a large-scale transformation of the coastline and urban development on the site of the former airport. Construction is scheduled to start in 2020 and finish in 2023.

The building of the future Aquarium consists of two streamlined domes, as if growing out of the water surface. Curved canopies are protected by glass walls, where visitors can admire the marine life. According to the architects, the sprawling and rounded shape of the future structure is inspired by the undulating Svaberg plateau, typical of the local landscape.

“I've always loved the Norwegian Svaberg cliffs,” admits Haptic member architect Thomas Stokk. “These beautiful, sculptural objects, created by time and nature, like a thoughtful lounge area create cozy lounges on the stones heated by the sun. In our project we want to reproduce the unique images of northern nature, combining them with the exceptional Norwegian quality of life and architecture.”/p>

The gentle slopes of the domed roofs will be a continuation of the surrounding landscape. Here visitors will be provided with additional hiking trails reminiscent of the coastal hills. The building will be connected with the surrounding area by a pedestrian bridge, as if cutting the water surface, it will connect the entertainment complex of the Aquarium with the city beach.

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