The design of the new Swiss passport is intended to highlight the beauty of the country's nature


The Swiss government has unveiled a new passport design by Geneva-based creative agency Retinaa SA, inspired by the Swiss countryside.

New passport design adds new anti-counterfeiting features< /p>

According to a spokesman for the Swiss Federal Police Office (Fedpol), the images “take you on a virtual journey through the 26 cantons of Switzerland, from snowy peaks to green alpine valleys.”

Canton — it is a political or administrative region of a country. According to the spokesman, in every canton of Switzerland, water is recognized as an element that “shapes the landscape.” This is one of the two main passport design themes, and the second — mountains.

Mount Pizzo Rotondo, which is the most high in the Saint Gotthard massif

Mount Pizzo Rotondo, which is the highest mountain in the Gotthard massif (a mountain range in the Swiss Alps), is depicted on the first page of the document. Some of Switzerland's largest rivers have their source in the mountains, “thus bringing together two main themes,” explains a Fedpol spokesman.

Unlike its predecessors, the spokesman says this passport will have “page dedicated to the Fifth Switzerland.” This applies to the community of Swiss citizens living abroad.

In an effort to combine aesthetics with security and functionality, the new passport has been designed with the latest privacy protection technologies in mind. A Fedpol spokeswoman says some security features are “visible to the naked eye, some under ultraviolet light.”

She adds that some security elements are “embedded in materials such as paper and ink,” while others “appear during printing processes and during passport personalization.” In the video, you can see security features such as characters visible in ultraviolet light (0:15), an element printed with optically variable ink (OVI) (0:25) and a watermark representing a quartz crystal (0:55).

As with the previous version of the Swiss passport, personal biometric data is stored in electronic chip located on the cover and can only be read using a special device that supports encrypted transmission. Switzerland only allows data access to countries that apply data protection equivalent to its own.

A Fedpol spokeswoman says the new Swiss passport “is a reflection of Switzerland: traditional yet cosmopolitan.” . The new passport design was introduced on October 31, 2022.

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