“The Disappeared House” made of steel in Wuhan


An unusual installation has appeared in Wuhan, created by designer Hu Quanchun of Field Conforming Studio. It is a house made of Corten steel, which seems to dissolve in the air before the eyes of the audience

Wuhan steel house that disappeared

An unusual building appeared on the East Lake in Wuhan as part of the biennale of sculpture held here. It is located near the Shimenfeng necropolis and is dedicated, like the rest of the art objects of the exhibition, to the transience and transience of all things. The author of the object – designer Hu Quanchun from the studio & nbsp; Field Conforming Studio & nbsp; – called his creation The Vanished House (“Disappeared House”). It is a building made of Corten steel, as if falling apart and dissolving in the air over time.

Wuhan steel house that disappearedWuhan steel house that disappearedWuhan steel house that disappeared

The house looks very traditional and archetypal: gable roof, windows, doors… But the steel shell is openwork and resembles a web of ivy branches. Corten was not chosen by chance: its reddish-brown hue resembles rust and symbolizes the destruction and transient nature of all things. Looking at the installation, you involuntarily begin to feel the inexorable passage of time. The decay process fixed in the moment makes you rethink your own existence for a second and think about the eternal.The Wuhan Steel House that DisappearedWuhan steel house that disappearedThe Vanished Steel House in Wuhan

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