The four main museum quarters in the world: stories in progress


If everything goes according to plan, then in the near future in Moscow there will be not one, but several museum quarters at once. Two large institutions are working on such projects of their own – the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts and the Historical Museum, while the Tretyakov Gallery, Garage Museum and Gorky Park have announced a joint art cluster Art Mile . While all this is just being brought to life in Moscow, ARTANDHOUSES recalls the experience of world capitals, where museum quarters, islands and miles already exist, are actively developing and even reconstructed.

Museum mile in New York


Museum mile
© Museummilefestival

Manhattan's Fifth Avenue has its own Museum Mile – at first, the townspeople came up with this name for a part of the street with an incredible concentration of museums, and in 1978 the city authorities formalized this status for it. This part of the city includes several famous New York institutions.

Chief among them is the Metropolitan Museum , consistently ranked in the top five most visited museums in the world. It was founded almost 150 years ago by three private collections of European painting. Since then, its collection has grown significantly (now it has about two million exhibits) and has expanded thematically: it houses collections dedicated to Ancient Egypt, ancient and African art, weapons and armor from different countries and eras, impressionist and post-impressionist paintings, and also houses the Institute costume with its annual Met Gala.


Metropolitan Museum of Art

Museum of Contemporary Art MoMA , founded in the 1920s with the assistance of the Rockefeller family, is one of the most advanced and respected in its field. It houses one of the world's largest collections of 20th century art, which is actively growing today.

MuseumMile4 < p class = "wp-caption-text"> Henri Matisse
& # 171; Dance (I) & # 187;
Museum of Contemporary Art
© MoMA

In the Solomon Guggenheim Museum it is worth going not only for art, but also for architecture – the building, which is considered one of the gems of architecture of the twentieth century, was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. In this museum she trained and made exhibitions, including the mega-successful “Russia!”, The current director of the Tretyakov Gallery Zelfira Tregulova.

Solomon Guggenheim Museum  Solomon Guggenheim Museum

The Museum Mile also includes the private Neue Galerie with German and Austrian modernist art and works by Gustav Klimt and Egon Schiele, Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum , International Center for Photography , Jewish Museum and Museum of New York .

Every second Tuesday in June, there is a Museum Mile Celebration, which closes Fifth Avenue to traffic and provides free admission to museums.

Cooper-Hewitt Design Museum @Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum Cooper-Hewitt Design Museum @Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum

London Albertopolis


Hall of the Natural History Museum
The Trustees of the Natural History Museum, London

Since the holding of the World's Fair, in South Kensington, on the initiative of Queen Victoria's husband, Prince Albert, a region of museums and educational institutions began to develop. It is known by its unofficial name – Albertopolis … Its main museum street, Egzibition Road, houses three of the largest museums that impress with their majestic architecture. Although at first there was the South Kensington Museum, which soon after opening was divided into the Victoria and Albert Museum (V & amp; A) and the Science Museum according to the types of collections – the first went to the decorative applied arts, the second – modern and historical technology.


Cafe at the Victoria and Albert Museum

The collection of the Victoria and Albert Museum was based on the items exhibited at the same World Exhibition, and it was conceived as a museum of the achievements of the advanced power of the era of the Great Industrial Revolution. To date, the Victoria and Albert Museum is the world's largest design museum with collections of ceramics, furniture, glass, fabrics, as well as photography, painting and sculpture from different centuries. His assets include holding exhibitions dedicated to David Bowie and Alexander McQueen, which are becoming a sensation not only in the UK, but also in the world.


New entrance to the Victoria and Albert Museum by project by Amanda Levete Architects (AL_A)

The Victoria and Albert Museum was established in its current location in 1857, and according to the laws of museum affairs, it, like other museums with a long history and intensive development, lacks the current spaces. Today the museum is expanding according to the project of the bureau Amanda Levete Architects , thanks to which, already this year, he will have additional space for temporary exhibitions over the previously closed courtyard, which will become a “city living room” with a new entrance from Egzibition Road. The renovation, estimated at £ 49.5 million, is being funded by private donations.

The collections of the Science Museum are able to show the sustainable development of science, technology and medicine around the world from the 18th century to the present day. Here they know a lot about how to captivate children and adults with topics that are not the most entertaining at first glance: the museum is distinguished by an extensive interactive program designed for children and adults, with flight simulators, the “Laboratory of Miracles” and the 3D IMAX cinema. In 2019, the area of ​​galleries with a medical collection will double in size – one of the most complete thematic collections in the world, numbering 5,000 exhibits, including from Ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome.


Natural History Museum
The Trustees of the Natural History Museum, London

In the garden of the Natural History Museum the skating rink is flooded in winter, and lambs graze there in the warm season. Inside, you can view an extensive collection of botany, zoology, mineralogy and paleontology, as well as take part in special programs. For example, after the closure of the museum, adults can investigate a mysterious “crime” together with the staff, and children from 7 to 11 years old can spend the night in a camp set up in one of the galleries with dinosaurs.

Most of London's museums are free to enter, but it’s almost impossible to resist buying souvenirs and dining in a café.


Natural History Museum
The Trustees of the Natural History Museum, London

Museum Island Berlin

Museumsinsel3 < p class = "wp-caption-text"> James Simon Gallery at the Museum Caption in Berlin

Since 1999, the cultural and architectural ensemble in the northern part of the Spreeinsel Island has been included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. For museum needs, this territory began to be developed at the end of the 18th century, when King Frederick Wilhelm II supported the initiative of the archaeologist Alois Hirt to create a museum with works of art from antiquity and modern times. Currently, the Museum Island and the five museums located on it, built between 1830 and 1930, are undergoing a multi-stage and complex renovation in accordance with a master plan specially designed by David Chipperfield. The historic buildings are handled by different bureaus, with David Chipperfield Architects overseeing the overall supervision.

Museumsinsel2 < p class = "wp-caption-text"> Master plan for Museum Island in Berlin

Three of five museums are already open after reconstruction. The first to open in 2001 was the Old National Gallery with works by Auguste Renoir and Pablo Picasso. It was followed in 2006 by the Bode Museum where you can see collections of Byzantine art, numismatics and sculpture. The last to open the doors in 2009 was the New Museum , where the famous bust of Nefertiti and collections of ancient Egyptian art, papyri and classical antiquity are exhibited.


Bode Museum < br /> © Staatliche Museen zu Berlin

Today, work is going on in the most visited museum in Germany – Pergamon , with a recreated archaeological ensemble of the Pergamon altar, and in the very first museum on the island – the Old Museum , built for the collection of classical antiquity in 1823 –30 years.


Archaeological Boulevard on Museum Island in Berlin

Completion of all works, as a result of which four of the five buildings will be connected by the so-called Archaeological Boulevard , scheduled for 2025-26. This unprecedented project, according to various estimates, will have to invest from € 350 million to € 2 billion.

It costs € 18 to see all the available collections of the Museum Island, entrance to individual museums costs € 10.

< h2 style = "text-align: center;"> Vienna Museum Quarter

Foto: Hertha Hurnaus 2015

© Hertha Hurnaus 2015

But the most popular and promoted brand in the museum the environment remains MuseumsQuartier (or simply MQ ), located in the center of Vienna on an area of ​​60 thousand square meters. m.

The quarter was occupied by the baroque court stables that were deserted after the collapse of the Austro-Hungarian Empire in the 1980s. In its courtyard, new buildings have sprung up – the Museum of Contemporary Art MUMOK and the private collection of the Museum Leopold with the world's most representative collection of works by Egon Schiele.

In the stables themselves, there are art residences, a space for temporary exhibitions Kuntshalle , branches of architecture and design museums, numerous cafes and shops. The adaptation and construction in the Museum Quarter was carried out by the bureau Other & amp; Other .

There are many programs to visit the quarter – for example, a family ticket for two adults and a child under 13 will cost € 49, 90.

Foto: Hertha Hurnaus 2015

© Hertha Hurnaus 2015

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