The genius of the place: how to start living in a historic district and why is it needed?


A good home will never lose value, it's like investing in art that only gains status and value over time

PETROVSKY PARK< p>In the case of architecture, everything is even more interesting: over the years, houses turn into toponyms, and some even acquire common names: remember, for example, the constructivist steam locomotive house on Novaya Basmannaya or a more recent example – the egg house on Chistye Prudy. Although this building was built relatively recently, in 2002, it is already considered a symbol of Luzhkov's architecture and tours are led to it. Therefore, living in a district with history and, especially, in a city symbol house with a monument is very tempting, but also very responsible.

What should you keep in mind when choosing a historic house or quarter? Let's look at the example of a new residential complex for aesthetes – Petrovsky Park.

The older the “genius of the place”, the better

It’s one thing to live in an area where one of our contemporaries “checked in” for a short time, and quite another if the place has been chosen by the aristocracy and elite for centuries.


Petrovsky Park, in the vicinity of which a new quarter of the same name will soon appear, is one of such places. It was started by Catherine II, who decided to build here, in honor of the victory in the Russian-Turkish war, the Petrovsky Palace. The palace was conveniently located on the way from St. Petersburg to Moscow and very soon became a travel destination – going on a trip from one capital to another, noble persons stopped here.

The glory of the aristocratic district has stuck with Petrovsky Park for centuries. At the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, for example, it turned into an exquisite dacha area, where the Moscow businessmen Morozovs, Ryabushinskys and others built houses. It is not surprising, by the way, that the first electric tram line in Moscow was laid here.

History is in detail

Petrovsky Park

Aerobatics – if the story is shown with strokes and barely noticeable details. In the case of the residential complex Petrovsky Park, these are historical panels on the walls of the entrance groups, the Monument to Peter I by the great monumental sculptor, president of the Russian Academy of Arts Zurab Tsereteli. This sculpture, by the way, has every chance of becoming one of the most significant Moscow attractions along with other historical masterpieces. The 6-meter monument will be installed on the eve of the solemn celebration of the 350th anniversary of the emperor, which will be celebrated in Russia in 2022. “It is a great honor and creative joy for me to turn again to the image of Peter the Great. His bright, complex personality inspires each of the artists, points the way to search and experiment,” the artist noted.

The yard territory also conveys the atmosphere of Peter the Great's time. Pavilions, pergolas, arches and benches, as in the parks of Peter's baroque, successfully rhyme with the green areas of the original park, partially preserved from the time of Catherine.

Petrovsky Park

At the same time, the architecture of the residential complex itself (which, by the way, was the work of the national architect A.V. Kuzmin) is emphatically restrained, stylistically consistent, and the most modern environmentally friendly materials of Swiss and Belgian origin were used for decoration.

Enjoy the rhythm of modernity

Today it is no longer enough for us just to enjoy history, we want to be involved in the active life of a modern city. The most organic way to solve this issue is to settle near the center.

LCD Petrovsky Park

Residential complex Petrovsky Park is located in a surprisingly quiet and peaceful area, a step away from the epicenter of urban and world events: not every historical place can boast of such a location. Within a minute's reach are the Petrovsky Park metro station and the Dynamo station, the VTB Arena sports and entertainment center. And nearby are the Moscow City and White Square business centers, fitness clubs, swimming pools and sports grounds, the central hippodrome, and the Flacon design factory. And in general, the road to any place in the center will take no more than 15 minutes: the most important highways – Leningradsky Prospekt, Dmitrovskoye Shosse, TTK – are very close.

Respect history, but remember the future< /strong>

Our children are people from the future. Therefore, if it is commendable to instill in children a knowledge of history through life in the historic quarter, then looking one step ahead and a little ahead of the time is simply necessary.

PETROVSKY PARK residential complex

Petrovsky Park residential complex has everything to satisfy the most inflated needs of modern children. Private English kindergarten, modern sports and playgrounds, modern e-wall game learning system!

It is convenient that the residential complex is located in an area with a long-established infrastructure, so most of the prestigious universities, including the Financial University, the Higher School of Economics, the Academy. Stroganov are in close proximity – your future student will definitely appreciate it! 04/bde2b19c40806ba4d528a34588f05807.jpg” />Petrovsky Park Residential Complex

This is perhaps the most important thing: to build a building in a historical district “costs nothing”, but to preserve it – the area, landscape, culture – is difficult and painstaking work. Therefore, it is good if your future housing will harmoniously fit into the environment.

This task is more than real – especially since the arsenal of tools available to modern architects and landscape designers of the Petrovsky Park residential complex is quite conducive to this .

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