The largest fair of contemporary art and the international art forum Art Russia 2022 opened in Moscow


From March 31 to April 3, 2022, Gostiny Dvor will host the largest contemporary art fair and international art forum Art Russia, organized by which is the Corporation “Synergy”. The large-scale cultural event will bring together 140 leading Russian and foreign representatives of the art world. Among them: 25 galleries, 65 independent artists, sculptors and photographers, as well as 50 experts in the art industry.

“The art market is constantly transforming, and this has always been associated with various factors, including external factors that go far beyond the limits of the creative space. Now we can become witnesses of one of the most serious transformations of Russian art, which, undoubtedly, will be watched by the whole world. We hope that one of the stages of these global changes will be Art Russia, where artists, gallery owners and collectors will be able not only to note the works of new authors, but also to find answers to their questions, – said on the eve of the fair the founder of the Corporation “Synergy” and Art Russia co-founder Vadim Lobov.

Art Russia 2022 press conference

Among participants The third art fair of contemporary art Art Russia announced such art projects as Nikolskaya Gallery, Askeri Gallery,, B-Gallery, Art It Easy. Independent artists from Russia, Germany and France will present their work personally. These are Anna Nemchinova, Alexander Zhernoklyuev, Alla Smirnoff, Anna Bo, Frank Herfort and many others.

Each work submitted for the exhibition has passed a strict curatorial selection conducted under the guidance of the co-founder of the fair and its ideological inspirer Elizaveta Frolova. “History shows that art has an amazing gift to unite opponents, helps to find harmony, brings meaning, light, hope and life. That is why we decided not to cancel the Art Russia fair, which was and remains a territory of creativity that unites people, – Elizaveta Frolova says – We have received over a thousand entries from artists, galleries and other art industry representatives. And these requests keep coming. Ekaterina Smolyannikova, an art lawyer, art manager, Cartier high jewelry specialist, graduate of Sotheby’s Institute of Art, and collector, was also responsible for selecting participants.

As part of the international art forum Art Russia, which will be held from April 1 to 3, leading representatives of the Russian and international art communities will raise the most pressing and topical issues in the field of contemporary art. The key topics of the business program will be “Russian Art Market: Forecasts”, “New Media in Art and NFT”, “Art and Technologies”.

According to Vadim Lobov, today the country's young artists are more than ever need the support of the state, business and galleries. In this regard, the Corporation «Synergy» plans to actively develop the Faculty of Art so that Russia can independently nurture professionals in the field of art.

Nikolai Cherednichenko. Idea.
Nikolai Cherednichenko. Idea. 2022


Natural and Artificial

Anton Bundenko, Art It Easy Gallery A45


Using neural network algorithms and artificial intelligence, artist (and former mining master) Anton Bundenko creates distorted or deliberately artificial art objects to rethink the era of technology and nature. As we spend more time interacting through screens, the distinctions between real and virtual, digital and physical, fantasy and reality are becoming blurred. What will populate our space in the end? To this question, Anton Bundenko offers his vision of “objects of fictitious scenarios of the future.” At the booth of the independent art association and the Art It Easy gallery, it will be possible to immerse yourself in the context of the author’s works, which determine the aesthetics of the new time, using augmented reality technology.

New look worlds< /p>

Alla Smirnoff, booth number to be confirmed 

Alla Smirnoff – French-Russian artist, member of the Maison des Artistes, whose works are in museums in London and in private collections in Russia, Luxembourg and France. Awarded the Order of St. Anne. Alla Smirnoff writes in the new look style, creating new worlds and spaces with color and emotions. The effect of vibration and glow of the paintings is achieved thanks to a complex multi-layer technique.

Surrealism in the lens

Frank Herfort, booth C0

German photographer Frank Herfort, whose work is regularly published by The New York Times, National Geographic, Stern, Der Spiegel, Interior+Design and other well-known publications, has been photographing the interiors of various public spaces throughout Russia and Eastern Europe for more than ten years, paying special attention to old-fashioned Stalinist decor. The photographs of the amazingly surreal post-Soviet world are strikingly human, mesmerizing and thought-provoking. And they are not without a modern look, which erases time markers and allows the viewer to create their own narrative.

Meditative landscapes

Irina Iza (Irina Zaitseva), D21

Irina Iza – artist, in whose works the atmosphere of solitude and tranquility is conveyed through meditative landscapes. In his new series, which will be presented at Art Russia, the author turns to the image of trees as symbolic objects. The artist extracts them from the surrounding landscape and generalizes the features, bringing the image to the canonical level. Irina Iza uses the sfumato (light glazing) technique to give a special airiness to the leafy masses and create a glow around objects. As a result, the images acquire a sacred connotation, referring to the landscapes of German romantic artists. 

From Cheburashka to Chelobrek

Vladimir Ivanov, Fedor Petrik, Askeri Gallery booth A2

The Moscow Askeri Gallery of Contemporary Art will present sculptures by Vladimir Ivanov and Fedor Petrik. Designer and artist from Siberia, Vladimir Ivanov, who works in the styles of street art, modern art and contemporary art, is inspired by characters he has known since childhood. Cheburashka or a kitten named Woof – the author rethinks simple and understandable images and offers a fresh look at your favorite characters.

On the stand you can also see Chelobrekov. These are the works of Fyodor Petrik, a student of Aidan Salakhova and Sergei Ossovsky. Unique sculptures, reminiscent of little alien guests, each individually decorated and hand-painted, are made of high-strength sculptural plaster.

Female nature in color

Ekaterina Kombarova, booth A50

A woman has a huge responsibility, because the gift that mother nature has endowed her with requires skill and wisdom, knowledge and highly developed intuition. So says Russian fashion designer Maison Kaleidoscope and artist Ekaterina Kombarova. In the new series of works presented at the fair, thanks in large part to the color – from dark to divine blue – it shows how women pass this knowledge on from generation to generation. Due to the dynamics in the composition and texture, the author reveals the sensual energy inherent in the canvases. Paintings representative of bright and expressive abstract impressionism – it is love and harmony in which we must exist if we want to prolong our family on earth.


Solo performances and panel discussions with the participation of leading representatives of the Russian and international art communities.

Program (updated)

“Museums: do we store or show?”, participants of the panel discussion – director of the State Historical Museum, Candidate of Historical Sciences Alexei Levykin, chief curator of the All-Russian Museum of Decorative Arts, director of the Museum of Moscow from 2013 to 2019, ex-head of the Section of City Museums of the Union of Museums of Russia, lecturer at Moscow State University Alina Saprykina.
« negotiation as art for the artist” – speech by one of Denmark's leading experts in negotiation and alternative dispute resolution in the arts, Mikkel Gudsøe.
“What does it mean to own a work of art in the digital age for museums, collectors and art galleries?” – speech by art and technology evangelist, art collector, curator, entrepreneur, business consultant Kate Vass.
“Buying art online: how to avoid mistakes?” – speech by the head of Egor Molchanov.
“Art as a media product: transformation and trends of the art market in the context of ongoing digitalization” – presentation by art agent and active researcher of visual culture Evgenia Savina.
«Dark Ecology, Metamodern and Contemporary Art» – presentation by the aesthetic philosopher, curator, public lecturer, conceptualizer of architectural practices Alena Dyatko. – performance by the artist, member of the Creative Union of Artists of Russia Gleb Solntsev.
“NFT and the digital art boom” – participants of the panel discussion – founder and head of the Fedini Gallery contemporary art gallery Alexander Fedini and art critic, founder of the largest online art history school in the Russian-language Internet OP POP ART Anastasia Postrigay.
“Risks in the international delivery of art” – speech of the co-owner of the company "ArtPost" Igor Slozhenko.
“NFT art as a way to promote classical culture” – presentation by digital artist, communications specialist Valia Paella.
«Can a regional art festival become international? Spoiler – can» – presentation by the art curator of the Art It Easy gallery, artist, organizer of the Art Weekend and Inflation of Joy events Margarita Moreva. contemporary artist, Weld Queen sculptor and professional artist, experienced teacher, founder of the “PROacryl” school Marie Agarkova.
"Intellectual Property in the Sphere of Art", speech by art lawyer, art manager, high jewelery specialist Cartier, graduate of Sotheby’s Institute of Art, collector Ekaterina Smolyannikova.

Performances and master classes for children and adults will complement the business program.

The event is scheduled to be broadcast on the Synergy.Online platform, covering more than 50,000 participants.

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