The most beautiful table of this autumn is the novelty of De Castelli


Italian bespoke metal factory has unveiled a spectacular new product.

The Treviso factory is well known to metal aficionados. De Castelli produces furniture and accessories using branded finishes and bringing metal furniture to the level of high art.

This autumn's most beautiful table is De Castelli's novelty

The model range of the factory is regularly updated. As a rule, novelties are of a near-artist nature. Although for practical purposes. The metal is cut on machines, but always finished by hand. So the factory is also an atelier.

This autumn's most beautiful table is De Castelli's novelty

The new model of the brand – the Vela dining table – fully reflects the “corporate ethics” of the brand: it is both practical and spectacular, bewitchingly beautiful thing, done with De Castelli finishes. The oval top is made of a marble slab (here metal artists were helped by stone cutters from the niche brand Laboratorio Morseletto) and inlaid with metal “shavings” using terrazzo technology. The details are cut from copper sheet, pre-oxidized, cured and hand-finished to achieve a graphic marking effect and vintage patina (Orbitale Delabré Brass G3 finish from the brand's catalogue).

< p> The most beautiful table of this fall is De Castelli's novelty

The top of Vela is made of marble with metal inlay.

Model design developed in-house. Vela standard dimensions for a grand dining table: 280 by 160 centimeters.

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