The most unusual houses in the world: invisible houses


House-hole, house-cave, underground house, mirrored, glass … It turns out that in our time people who live in dugouts and bunkers. Our selection contains the strangest and most amazing houses in the world, which, moreover, are not so easy to find!

Many nowadays want to show off their real estate to their neighbors and enter the Guinness Book of Records as the owners of the most luxurious choir. Someone erects a real palace on their site, someone invites to build the house of the most famous architect, and someone decorates the area with luxurious gardens, which will be the envy of Versailles. We have collected for you houses that have become famous due to their inconspicuousness and ability to blend in with the environment. If you are planning to dig yourself a bunker or settle in the “Hobbit's hole” – you are here!

Nora Organic House, Mexico

This unusual house was built near Mexico City by architect Javier Senosiain in 1984. Organic House has an area of ​​174 square meters and, with the exception of the living room, is almost entirely underground. In plan it resembles a peanut: two oval halls connected by a narrow corridor. The house has a living room, dining room, kitchen, bedroom, dressing room and bathroom – in short, everything that is necessary for the life of a modern …. “Hobbit”!

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Woodpile Studio, Netherlands

The building was designed by designer Piet Hein Eek. Its rugged façade blends in perfectly with the suburban landscape, and a lot of sunlight penetrates through the windows directly into the recording studio.

Juniper House, Sweden

Swedish architects Hans Murman and Ulla Alberts have come up with a house that is almost invisible from some angles. Unlike the previous one, it has no reflective elements. The designers used photos of the surrounding trees, printed on a special fabric.

Transparent skyscraper, Thehn2This 29-storey “transparent” skyscraper is located in the southern United States. In addition to the original design, this building is also “green” – it has a gold certificate for energy efficiency, as well as a huge roof garden.

Green Box, Italy

Many people dream of turning their garage into a studio or a bachelor cave, but only a few decide to do so. Italian studio act_romegialli didn't just renew it, they let nature do it. Climbing and flowering plants now completely cover the metal frame.

Aloni Underground House, Greece

This Athenian villa cannot be found without knowing its exact location. It is a beautiful, virtually underground house, the roof of which is supported by two stone walls.

Battleship House The Desert House, California, USA

Thanks to the unusual design that architect Ken Kellogg (Ken Kellogg) inspired the battleship, the house is completely sheltered from the winds and heat inherent in the desert. The building blends seamlessly into the rocky landscape due to the materials used: concrete, glass, copper and steel.

Lookout Mirror House, Scotland

This is a project by two students from Strathclyde University, Angus Ritchie and Daniel Tyler Tyler). The house is located in a picturesque national park and can accommodate only three people.

House , Florida, USA

It's good to live near the beach, but living on the beach is even better! Back in 1975, architect William Morgan designed and built this house on the Atlantic coast.

Cave Palace Ranch, Utah, USA

One of the most original houses in the United States is carved into the rock.

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