The Nakagin capsule tower will be built in the metaverse


Kisho Kurokawa Architect and Associates (KKAA) and Japanese investment firm Laetoli have put up for sale the rights to reconstruct the tower. Trading takes place on the OpenSea platform, the largest digital marketplace for crypto-collectibles and fungible NTF tokens

Nakagin Capsule Tower will be built in the Metaverse

The famous Nakagin capsule tower in Tokyo, whose dismantling has already begun, may soon find a new life and a new incarnation in the metaverse. The studio of the architect Kisho Kurokawa (Kisho Kurokawa), who once created this project, and the Japanese investment company Laetoli put up the rights to reconstruct the capsule skyscraper at OpenSea , the most famous trading platform specializing in NFT.

At the moment, two auctions are being held, which started at the end of July: one will allow the winning bidder to build the Nakagin Tower in the metaverse, the second to restore in reality anywhere in the world.

Nakagin Capsule Tower will be built in the Metaverse

Recall that the Nakagin capsule tower was built by the architect Kise Kurokawa in 1972 as part of the Japanese architectural movement metabolism and consisted of 140 prefabricated capsule houses that were attached to two concrete towers. The construction of the skyscraper took only 30 days. Over time, most of the concrete building fell into disrepair, and in recent years it has been in disrepair. In the spring, the dismantling of the famous building began.

The Nakagin Capsule Tower will be built in the Metaverse

According to the studio, the sale of the rights to restore the skyscraper is in line with the principles of metabolism: “The main idea of ​​the architecture of metabolism was to reimagine society, using architecture as a tool for potential change, thinking about how houses can change, grow and develop. By entering the digital space, metabolic theory can continue to evolve and reflect our society now and in the future.”

“We hope that this architectural monument will be restored somewhere in the world by those who appreciate the philosophy of metabolism and are able to use it to improve society,” say, in turn, representatives of the investment firm Laetoli, which is also involved in this project. jpg” />The Nakagin Capsule Tower will be built in the Metaverse

At the request of Kisho Kurokawa Architect and Associates (KKAA) and Laetoli, the international studio BDP created an accurate digital model of the Nakagin Tower for bidding. Anyone who acquires the rights to build a capsule skyscraper in the metaverse will be able to change the design of the building, its color, size and function in the virtual space at will. In reality, the newly built capsule tower can also be used for various purposes, including as temporary housing for refugees or those affected by natural disasters. Potential buyers will have free rein as long as the re-creation does not harm the reputation and principles of the KKAA and Nakagin Tower, the studio explained. Starting price not disclosed

Nakagin Capsule Tower will be built in the metaverse

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