The Seeds: guesthouses in China


ZJJZ Atelier has completed a complex of guest houses inspired by the surrounding forests and natural forms

ZJJZ Atelier has designed a series of guest houses for the Tree Wow Hotel. The main task of the designers was to create a relationship between buildings and their environment. Called The Seeds, the elliptical capsules are clad in pine shingles and shiny aluminum tiles. “The metal surface reflects red soil in winter and green plants in summer. Meanwhile, the warm structure of pine shingles allows the structures to blend in with the surrounding trees “, & nbsp; – the studio says.

The capsules can be accessed by going up the stairs. Inside there is a bedroom, a bathroom, a storage room and a mezzanine with a seating area. Each house has access to an open terrace, located on four independent columns. Small round windows overlook the forest, while sitting on the mezzanine sofa, you can admire the treetops that seem to touch the sky.

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