The work of a German photographer was used for graffiti in Sevastopol


Artist Ilya Kostin from a certain association “Dislav” won the competition of youth projects of the city of Sevastopol. His art work “Sevastopol sailor” was supposed to decorate the transformer substation “Sevastopolenergo” on Nadezhda Ostrovskaya Street.

But in the end there was a misunderstanding: he took as a basis a photograph by German photographer Antony Sojka, which depicts a postman and former mayor of Hallig on the coast of Germany.

Photo of a German postman

Our editors could not find any previous work artist Ilya and any information about his professional activities.

This case once again proves that a professional artist, designer should use only his own work, sketches and photographic materials, and not just “mirror” photos from the Internet.

By the way, the graffiti had to be painted over…

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