Thomas Heatherwick completed Vessel in New York


In New York took place the opening of the most unusual and long-awaited architectural structure of Thomas Heatherwick in the Hudson Yards. The completion of this project was awaited with impatience: an amazing observation deck, which also combines the functions of a shopping and entertainment center, is almost entirely made of metal.

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The dismantling of the Vessel could be observed for many months: Instagram was filled with photographs of metal platforms (there are several dozen of them) and staircases finally brought together.

At the base, the building resembling a bucket or wastebasket has a diameter of only 15 meters, at the top level – 46 meters, which was deliberately done to make way for the public area.

Now you can climb two thousand steps to the top of the Vessel and appreciate the intricacy of the structure on your own, the site opened last weekend.

Meanwhile, her visit is already associated with scandals and criticism in social networks: developers insist on maintaining copyright for all photos taken by visitors from inside Vessel … While visiting the site is free. However, you must first reserve a ticket for a specific time of visit.

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