Top 10: concrete buildings


For a long time, the brutal beauty of concrete was not in demand: it was used only as a functional material. But now everything has changed, and the proof of this is the top 10 buildings with concrete facades

Pierresvives complex, Montpellier, France

The building designed by Zaha Hadid, built in 2012, is intended for three purposes at once: the city archive is located on the first floor, the library is on the second and the sports department is on the last. & Nbsp;

Ardmore Residence, Singapore

125-meter residential skyscraper appeared in Singapore in 2013 year. UNStudio architects have planned only 58 apartments here – so that each tenant has enough natural light, space for living and the opportunity to admire the urban landscapes of Singapore.

Bicentennial Center, Cordoba, Argentina

Administrative Center of Cordoba – project GGMPU Arquitectos Studios and Lucio Morini. The complex of concrete buildings is located in the historical center of the city on the site of the former railway tracks.

Private house, Abiko, Japan

The building, designed by the Japanese bureau Fuse Atelier, appeared in 2011. The reinforced concrete house was designed for a couple of collectors of modern designer furniture. The first floor is dedicated to the living room, the second is the living space, and the interiors here match the facade: complex, concrete gray, with many corners and intersecting planes.

Tubohotel, Tepoztlan, Mexico

The hotel, whose rooms are made of used concrete pipes, is a project & nbsp; T3arc. The architects have successfully solved the difficult task before them: to create a budgetary, fashionable and organically blended with nature object.

Church of Seed, Guangdong Province, China

On one of the sacred Taoist hills, a Christian church was built in 2011, designed by O Studio. The unusual texture of concrete is explained by the fact that it was poured into a bamboo formwork, and a cross cut in the wall lets in sunlight.


The GAAGA bureau project consists of three floors and a small garden, organically integrated into the project. The building was opened in the new quarter of Leiden in 2012.

Selvika National Tourist Route, Finnmark, Norway

This building is more of an art object. Located on the coast, it should, according to the idea of ​​the architect Reiulf Ramstad, make the traveler stop and see the harsh beauty of the northern coast. & Nbsp;

Private house, Girona , Spain

The cruciform building with a courtyard in the middle is the creation of Jordi Hidalgo Tané and (Daniela Hartmann). Panoramic windows in each room offer breathtaking views of the local landscape, and there is a place for a garage in the basement.

Garagenatelier Garage, Herdern, Switzerland

Architect Peter Kunz built this underground car park in 2000 for a millionaire client. The main space is located underground, and the visible part is just a kind of “showcase” for the customer's auto collection.

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