Top 10 most anticipated architectural premieres of 2022


Currently quite a few major architectural projects are in the final stages of construction and we hope to see them in action as early as 2022. Here are some of the most notable

Photo #1 - Top 10 most anticipated architectural premieres of 2022

Hexagon Pavilion, Garage Museum, Moscow

In 2022, the Garage Museum of Contemporary Art will have a new building. It will be located literally two minutes walk from the main building of the museum. Garage is reconstructing the pavilion of the All-Russian agricultural and handicraft exhibition “Hexagon”, built in 1923 by Ivan Zholtovsky. It will house three exhibition spaces, a library, a bookstore and a café. More information here.

Photo #2 - Top 10 Most Anticipated Architectural Premieres of 2022

San Pellegrino Factory, San Pellegrino -Terme

San Pellegrino , a well-known producer of mineral water, – is completing its new plant designed by the BIG bureau headed by the young Danish architect Bjarke Ingels. A full-fledged workshop will appear in the Italian Alps, which will be engaged in bottling mineral water in branded packaging. The architectural concept of the project is based on a reinterpreted Italian and Roman style.

Photo #3 - Top 10 most anticipated architectural premieres of 2022

Sydney-Modern Gallery, Sydney

In Sydney in 2022, the Sydney-Modern gallery will open, designed by the Japanese bureau SANAA. Sydney-Modern will become part of the Art Gallery of New South Wales, one of Australia's largest museums. SANAA architects decided to play on the contrast. While the main building is built in neoclassical style, the new building that will house Sydney-Modern consists of light and light half-glass volumes.

Photo #4 - Top 10 most anticipated architectural premieres of 2022

Galeries Modernes department store, Rotterdam

The Galeries Modernes department store was built back in the 1950s by architects Joe Van den Broek. A few years ago, KAAN Architecten took over its complete reconstruction. The Dutch architects decided to keep all the principles laid down by the author, but lighten the facade of the building with the help of glass and build it on. When the department store opens, the lower levels of the department store will house shopping areas, while the upstairs will house a hotel with 180 rooms.Photo #5 - Top 10 Most Anticipated Architectural Premieres of 2022

ReefLine Underwater Park

The OMA bureau is currently completing an unusual project – the ReefLine underwater park. As conceived by the architects, it will become the basis for the restoration of the marine ecosystem off the coast of Florida, and will also attract tourists who will study the flora and fauna of the ocean, snorkeling. ReefLine's main feature is an artificial underwater reef built from concrete modules and populated with algae and marine life.

Photo #6 - Top 10 most anticipated architectural premieres in 2022

Istanbul Modern Museum, Istanbul

Istanbul Modern Museum is located on the western shore of the Bosphorus, opposite the Sultanahmet quarter. And the Italian architect Renzo Piano (Renzo Piano) is designing a new building for the museum. If the old building is located on hard-to-reach medieval streets, then the new building is designed to become a cultural “hub” of several Istanbul districts at once. It will be located in an open area on the waterfront.

Photo #7 - Top 10 Most Anticipated Architectural Premieres of 2022

Xi'an International Football Center, China

Bureau ZHA (Zaha Hadid Architects) in 2022 plans to complete the construction of a new International Football Center in the Chinese city of Xi'an. The sports complex includes a stadium with 60,000 seats for national and international football matches, training fields and various facilities for entertainment and cultural events. The project is being prepared for the Asian Football Cup 2023, which will be held in Xi'an. uploads/2022/01/09db444d1bef5437298843a179a2d58f.jpg” width=”728″ height=”364″ class=”lazy-image__image _align-center” data-v-0571743d=”1″ alt=”Photo #8 – Top 10 Most expected architectural premieres in 2022″ />

Water sports center Lanternen, Denmark

The water sports center will be located on the coast of Esbjerg in Denmark. It is a joint project between Snøhetta and WERK Arkitekter. The shape and materials of the building are inspired by local boat-making traditions. The center has a cylindrical volume, partially raised above the ground. The facade will be covered with wooden panels. The two tiers of the building will house training halls, workshops and warehouses. Directly from the water sports center you can go down to the coast.

Photo #9 - Top 10 most anticipated architectural premieres of 2022

Sampi Cultural and Educational Center, Norway

Another project of the bureau Snøhetta is currently being completed in his native Norway – a cultural and educational center for the Sami people, the indigenous inhabitants of Scandinavia, is being built there. In their project, the architects interpret traditional Sami architecture in a modern way, saturating it with new functions. The center will include a school for children, a theatre, exhibition spaces and even reindeer herding spaces.Photo #10 - Top 10 most anticipated architectural premieres of 2022

Green skyscraper in Nanjing, China

In the Chinese city of Nanjing, a new skyscraper by Stefano Boeri, author of the famous Milanese Bosco Verticale ( Stefano Boeri). It will be the first project of the Italian architect in Asia. The two adjacent towers will be planted with 600 large trees, 200 medium-sized trees and more than 2,500 shrubs. The total landscaping area will be 4500 square meters. meters. Just two buildings by Stefano Boeri will save 18 tons of carbon dioxide emissions. /uploads/2022/01/aab934b1b7749914773a7ac354fb627e.jpg” width=”728″ height=”546″ class=”lazy-image__image _align-center” data-v-0571743d=”1″ alt=”Photo #11 – Top 10 most anticipated architectural premieres of 2022″ />

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